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Refuels Limited

The Red House
111-113 High Street

T:  0333 3239555




About Us

Refuels Ltd is the UK’s largest, mixed fuel recovery service partner. Specialising in the management and handling of liquid fuels. We operate dedicated fuel uplift vehicles that handle regular fuel collections and emergency fuel uplifts. In addition to our transport services we own and operate a nationwide fuel storage network, that provides 24/7 accessibility to drop off points for our customers. Our customers include retail forecourt operators, roadside assistance providers, oil storage/distribution depots and fuel suppliers. 



We can offer you a cost-effective solution for your fuel collection, allowing you to recover as much value as possible on the following fuels.

  • Jet A-1
  • Petrol
  • Gasoline
  • Derv
  • Gas Oil
  • Kero
  • MGO


Fuel Collections

Contaminated Fuel Uplift

Emergency Fuel Uplift

Mobile Fuel Evacuation


Tank Network


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