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Cloudoko Ltd

Blake House, 18 Blake Street, York, YO1 8QG

Tel: +44 (0)1904 500808 Email: Web:

We help public sector organisations go "Digital by Default"

Why Work With Cloudoko? Here is a sample of the things we can do for you.

Push Website Transactions To Your CRM

Cloudoko Forms is an innovative Software as a Service (Saas) offering that publishes your existing internal CRM enabled business processes online. Our service takes care of the complex integration to your CRM system, ensuring that the information delivered to the back office is just as good as if your agents took the call. We currently support KANA / Lagan CRM and would be delighted to help customers using other CRM products.

Cloudoko Forms is available on the Digital Marketplace enabling a simpler procurement option for public-sector clients. Find us on G-Cloud 7 : Lot-3 Software as a Service (SaaS) 

Move Your Organisation To The Cloud

We are experts in working with the Microsoft Azure platform. Our Cloudoko Forms product runs on the same infrastructure so you can trust that we practice what we preach. We can provide stategic consulting and hands-on development skills - backed up by real life experience of having been through the same journey ourselves. Talk to us if you need help with:

  • Cloud Services
  • Service Bus
  • Storage
  • Redis Cache
  • SQL Databases
  • Active Directory
  • Virtual Networks / Hybrid Cloud

Cloudoko Azure Consultancy is available on the Digital Marketplace enabling a simpler procurement option for public-sector clients. Find us on G-Cloud 7 : Lot-4 Specialist Cloud Services (SCS) 

Web Design & Development

We build responsive websites for our customers. You can outsource the entire project to us including:

  • Design
  • Build
  • Hosting
  • Support

Alternatively, you may prefer us to work as part of your in-house team on a specific phase of your project.

We have recently completed the redevelopment of the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council  Internet & Intranet sites deploying Orchard CMS-based applications as Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Integrate Your Front & Back Office Systems

The best web self-service experiences only happen when you can give your customers honest and up to date information through your website. The problem is that this information is often locked away inside legacy back-office systems that were never designed for the task of digital self-service. We can help you integrate your workforce, breaking down these barriers by delivering a 2-way integration between your CRM system and the back office. Your workforce will appreciate not having to re-key transactions into their system, freeing up valuable resources to do more important work. And your agents will also thank you because they can provide genuine real-time information when customers call or e-mail requesting an update. We have built numerous integrations between CRM and popular back office providers. We have a deep working knowledge of the APIs exposed by (but not limited to) the following systems:

  • KANA / Lagan CRM
  • Northgate Revenues & Benefits
  • Northgate Document Management (Images@Work)
  • Northgate Blue Badge Information Service (BBIS)
  • Yotta Mayrise
  • Northgate M3 Licensing
  • EMC Documentum
  • ESRI Arc GIS

Our recent work with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council on their Lagan CRM / Mayrise integration resulted in them receiving a customer award from Verint Systems Inc. for Optimising the Workforce 

What are people saying about Cloudoko?

“Working with the Council, Cloudoko solutions are being used extensively to deliver Doncaster's Digital and Customer transformation strategies. Making more services available online with a responsive website design, has allowed channel shift opportunities with residents needs at the heart of the design, making access quicker and easier.” Nigel Riley - Technical Design Authority, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

“Working with Cloudoko we were able to quickly launch a range of new integrated CRM forms without the need for major changes to our existing solutions. Cloudoko were responsive, flexible and supportive throughout and I cannot recommend them enough.” Kevin Goad – Delivery Lead, Westminster City Council


We take care of the complex integration between your website and CRM system so you can focus on getting your internal processes online. 

Forms That Run Perfectly On Multiple Devices

This makes them look great on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It also allows you to reach more customers via digital channels, by allowing them to use the device they want to use.

And Look Like They Belong On Your Site

Upload your HTML / CSS template to us and we will style the form as you wish. We provide a unique URL for each form so that you can link to them from your site. Or for a more integrated feel, you can embed our forms directly in to your website pages using a simple HTML & JavaScript snippet.

Extend The Reach Of Your CRM

So you've invested time and effort re-designing your organisation around a CRM system? Are you finding the complexities of CRM and website integration a struggle? We can help you achieve channel shift by turning your internal processes into digital processes where per transaction costs are much lower than using traditional contact methods. Cloudoko Forms currently supports KANA / Lagan CRM and would be delighted to help customers using other CRM products. We have a simple monthly subscription with a 30-day no quibble cancellation policy.

Simple Tools To Create Great Forms

Your internal CRM forms were probably designed exclusively for use by your staff - not your customers. In many cases you may want these forms to be presented differently to your online customers. Cloudoko Forms has a WYSIWYG designer interface. It allows you to make comprehensive modifications to the appearance of your forms online:

  • Exclude unwanted form sections / questions
  • Rework the language of the form questions to be more customer-friendly
  • Provide supplementary text to assist your customer in completing the form
  • Preset form values
  • Configure settings at a global / form level
  • Migrate forms between development and production environments (one click)
  • Report form usage to Googe Analytics / Tag Manager

Forms Designer allows modification of the Cloudoko representation of your CRM form. It does not alter the underlying CRM form. This ensures that your internal processes remain unaffected.




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