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Department of Change

70 Southerton Road
W6 0PH

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About Us

We’re innovators, technologists, designers, researchers, strategists, data scientists and behavioural experts. We have a passion for making brands, experiences, stuff and things that change the way people live, work and play.

And, unlike all other agencies, we work for your customers.

Which is why we won’t say what you want to hear if it isn’t what the customer needs. We’re not in the business of presenting ideas that work for your business but not for your customers. We’ll let you know if we believe you’re being pressured by internal stakeholders to do what will disappoint the customer. And we’ll never present a solution because it’s all you have budget for when we know it won’t work in the market.

Instead, you can be sure that every insight, strategy, product, service or experience that comes from the work we do with your team and your customers has one objective.

To increase the value of your business to your customers, which in turn will increase the value of your customers to your business.


What we do

We unite your teams in every department around shared purpose: to create an unrivalled C21st experience for your customers, at every touchpoint, at every hour of the day.

So we create more purposeful brands aligned with the values of your customers. We invent more useful products and services enabled by data and technology. We build an innovative culture that responds to your customer from the very heart of your company. And we design more sustainable business models that make the possible, profitable.

Our approach? Simple ideas, fast iteration, intuitive technologies, people power and lasting impact.

After all, the future belongs to those who invent it every day.


How we do it

The biggest barriers to change are ‘us and them’, ‘not invented here’ and ‘the way we’ve always done it’. That’s exactly why we created the Department of Change: to work with your team and your customers to reinvent your business from the inside out.

We work like any other department to make the most of what you already have on the inside. We align with your commercial objectives and realities. We sweat your assets. We leverage activities you’ve committed to. We tap into budgets readily available. We work with your team in agile sprints. And we measure success to prove, and improve, ROI.

But, here’s where we’re a department like no other: we bring the outside in. A global network of inventors, entrepreneurs, trendspotters, behavioural experts and technologists. Proprietary tools, methodologies and technologies. Proven case studies and invaluable thought leadership. And a depth of experience that’s garnered 110 awards across four continents.

The result? An everyday approach that, across the year, will make your business more valuable to your customers and your people more valuable to your company.


Who we do it for

So many marketers are struggling to deliver against stretching targets with overworked teams and a lack of resources in risk-averse cultures. Which is why too many are tempted to just keep their heads down, focus on their inside world. Not ours.

Our clients are typically the changemakers in marketing. The share the same challenges, but take a heads-up approach.

By title, they may be Chief …. customer officers. And they look beyond their walls to us to bring together those they work with and those they serve to reinvent their business every day, from the inside out.

They know, as we do, that’s the only way to create a purposeful, as well as a profitable, brand that’ll still be thriving in 2020 and beyond.

So, what do you want to do for your customers that hasn’t been done before?


Our Range of Services

How can we help you change?

We take a ‘design thinking’ approach to helping our clients change and grow.

Developed by David Kelley, founder of the Stanford, it’s a human-centred approach that draws on design tools to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the criteria for commercial success.

We use analytical tools, generative techniques and iterative development to help our clients reimagine their business of the future – and not only build but follow the road map to get there.

Which means we don’t stop at redesigning your customers’ experience by changing your brand and products. We also redesign your culture by changing your team’s ability to innovate every day.







Insight communities
Market sizing
Shopper insight
Growth mapping
Change portfolio planning
Brand strategy
Innovation strategy
Proposition development
Go-to-market strategies
Business modelling
Concept development
Product design
Experience design
Service design
Interface design
In-market testing
Performance reporting
Team capability mapping
Change jamming
Internal innovation programmes
Internal lab build
Change coaching


Beauty, Fashion + Luxury Charity Energy + Utilities Financial Services Healthcare Public Sector

Business Services

Consumer goods

Entertainment + Media

Food + Beverage


Travel + Hospitality



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