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About Us

We are living and working in a fast moving environment where there are frequent changes to political environments, market economies, trading conditions and technologies externally - and internally to roles, team dynamics and organisational structures.

In this challenging environment, the ability to structure simple and effective messages and deliver them with clarity, confidence and impact is a critical skill.

Professional Voice is the leading supplier of voice and messaging skills training to the global business market. The focus of our coaching is to enable executives to create persuasive business messages and deliver them with impact - whatever the business situation. These skills are especially important for business leaders who are driving change, showcasing their organisations and transitioning company culture.

Our unique combination of technical expertise and business understanding enables us to effect measurable improvements in the executive's speaking skills in a short space of time. The coaching builds on the existing strengths of the executive and provides practical tools and techniques for both immediate and career-long use.

Intensive 1-1 programs and group courses for leadership and executive development can be provided. Find out why these courses regularly achieve 5/5 ratings and call us today. 

Business application areas covered by our coaching include: 

Online Presentation Coaching »

Getting your message across in meetings »

Speaking as a leader »

Communication in daily business Getting your message across in meetings Voice & presentation skills

Webinar & teleconference speaking »

Rehearsal coaching for TED Talks, industry conferences, kick-off events, town halls »

Corporate films, webcasts, podcasts »

Web & teleconference speaking Conference & special event rehearsal Corporate films


Specialised Expertise

Professional Voice is the leading provider of executive voice and communication coaching. All our coaches are qualified in voice and experienced in working with senior executives. Our coaching is enhanced by an understanding of the business objectives of our clients and the challenges they face. As a result our coaching has a real and discernible impact on individual and business performance.

Our expertise includes coaching in how to:

  • Connect with your audience in any business context
  • Establish credibility and a commanding presence
  • Engage your listeners and maintain their attention
  • Use vocal techniques to give greater impact to the message
  • Speak clearly to audiences of all sizes
  • Structure memorable messages and persuasive presentations
  • Use language and style to influence your audience
  • Communicate your messages visually
  • Handle questions effectively
  • Manage meeting interaction
  • Convey consistent messages through body language, content and voice

 Alignment of message:

Professional Voice programs provide the executive with an enhanced knowledge of the vocal skills and messaging techniques required to achieve their business objectives and drive their organisations forward.


Wide Industry Experience

Professional Voice Ltd was founded in 1998 and now provides voice and communication coaching to senior executives at over 100 listed companies and 500 SMEs across all industry sectors.

Our clients include some of the global economy's most successful multi-nationals who have chosen Professional Voice for its excellence, flexibility and responsiveness to client requirements.

Our industry experience includes extensive work in:

Industry Experience

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