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CIF Centre for International Field Research Ltd

Britannia House, 11 Glenthorne Road, London , W6 0LH 

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CIF Research was established in 2012 in London and is the younger branch of the IFF International group.  The IFF International group, combined has over 25 years of experience in the Market Research industry. 

Tom Abele founded the company in 1993 in Germany, but after perceiving the huge and growing demand for telephone research, Tom transformed a small local business in Germany into an International fieldwork agency. 

Today, IFF International operates with branches in Frankfurt (DE), London (UK), Palermo (IT) and conducts close to 300 research projects annually.

Everyone at CIF Research is different, but we all have one thing in common: Our genuine care that we relinquish, for one goal; to achieve excellence.

Our team is young, talented and enthusiastic, with a passionate way of working and a management involvement throughout, inducing confidence and a trusted relationship to our clients.







The three pillars, integrated and embedded deep into our work ethics - stretching out to our fieldwork and our most valuable asset, the interviewers.



Providing exceptional data collection for international B2B and B2C telephone research services.

Telephone Research

Delivering regonalised fieldwork through our different IFF International locations – together with experienced certified partners, CATI projects are implemented simultaneously with reliability and efficiency.

We host our CATI scripting, sample management and VoIP telephony – enabling efficiency with total transparency fo data collection with telephone research, quality-assured surveys and consistent and traceable databases for your projects.

Covering 50% of the world population and 75% of the languages in the world with native interviewers from our international structure. Providing linguistic and cultural diversity via our own, prime locations.

CATI Fieldwork

We are CATI specialists. Our 750+ native speakers interviewers are ready for your challenges. You ask, we survey.



Project & Data Management

Sit back and relax while our Project Team handles your multi-country CATI studies for you.



The Technology

• All our projects are hosted centrally using Nebu installations with Dialer and VoIP telephony.

• A centralised call centre offering fast and flexible reach for international projects using telephone research (CATI).

• Our call centres are routed and connected through our Virtual Private Network.

• Dedicated Quality Assurance Team for automated and random reviews of documentation and sampling accuracy.

The Field Management Team

Our team is handpicked with scientific backgrounds in the economy field, social, humanities and natural sciences.

Ensuring knowledge and expertise are up-to-date, we provide extensive training programmes to our team.

We provide a single point of contact for project management and a committed team to ensure levels of quality that exceed expectations of the service-level agreement are achieved.


Additional Services

All-inclusive CATI fieldwork, from the survey to data, programming & hosting.  Additionally we provide, questionnaire coding & OEs translations into 30+ languages




The success of a CATI study is heavily reliant on data collection but also other tasks that are manifested, including the correct analysis of data. At CIF Research, we would like you to have an all-inclusive fieldwork, with the translation of the surveys, the sample management, the programming and translations of open-ended questions. We are happy to help with our expertise for tables and other data analysis.


TCPA Compliant

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act


Our identity is shown to every call made to the USA.  We follow a ‘Do not call list’ and a consent given contacts list.

Physical Phones

Our CATI stations are equipped with physical phones with no automation or redialing capabilities.


We verify the numbers prior to any contact being made to ensure legal procedures are followed.


Got A Question Regarding TCPA?

We’re more than happy to help!  Contact us right away and speak to one of our team members who will answer any questions you may have regarding TCPA.             ASK A QUESTION

Fall In Love With Our Features

Multilingual & translatable

Proprietary software

Data of your choice

Sample Management

Flexibility is key

Documented and certified

Our interviewers are multilingual and fluent in the native language required where we cover a wide range of translations.

'NV' Created, developed and used by our own team - We harnessed our experience over the years and created the ultimate dialer that's tailored to our requirements.

We work with a number of different types of technologies to collect and provide data. Ranging from SPSS, ASCII, CSV etc. Including proprietary platforms.

The central hosting of CATI scripting, sample management and VoIP telephony enables efficiency and traceable databases.

We are determined to meet your requirements by offering flexibility and working together to adopt new platforms and ways of data collection.

Documenting our work for clear transparency. The IFF International group is certified from accredited organisations such as ISO, ESOMAR, MRS and compliant with TCPA and GDPR allowing us to carry out our expertise within the legal grounds.



Find Survey Respondents Where Your Impossible Target Is Right At Your Finger Tips.  

Catered For Your Survey Requirements In B2B, B2C, Quantitative And Qualitative.  Providing You With The Most Cost-Effective, Efficient And Enthusiastic Sample. 

Targetting A Specific Audience Has Never Been Easier.  Through The Power Of The Social Media, We Can Specifically Target By Demographic, Interests And Location.





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