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Larson Resource Group Limited

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Welcome to the Larson Group

Larson Group is a multi-sector agency, currently looking to redefine the recruitment market to ensure our clients and candidates keeps capitalising from an ever-changing market.

Sectors we cover:

  • IT & Business Change
  • Larson Digital
  • Social Care - Mid to Senior Management
  • C-Suite & Senior Appointments


Why Work with Larson Group? 

Across the UK Larson Group have found that attracting and retaining top talent is the number one concern for all businesses and hiring managers. All successful businesses depend on highly skilled professionals and the “war on talent” is making the recruitment and retention of such individuals a major item on all boardroom agenda’s. That is why we are passionate about working with companies who not only understand the importance of connecting with the best talent in the active market place but gaining access to candidates in the passive market. Attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals from the passive market is an art form, our clients retain our services due our ability to save them time by supplying them with candidates that they would not normally have access to via their normal supply chain.

Larson Group have invested heavily on a unique, ground-breaking Digital recruitment process and software for Retained Search, C-Suite Search and Headhunting assignments. i-larson  is like nothing else available on the market! Via a combination of advanced technology, psychometric testing and our cutting-edge recruitment methodologies, we are able provide our clients with in-depth candidate assessment, and a streamlined recruitment process, which reduces the cost and commercial down-time of our clients, and has been proven to increase new employee retention. For more information, please Click Here to Find Out More.

Contract / Interim

We offer an extensive Interim or Contract recruitment service. We have a large database of candidates who specialise in set niche markets. Our clients will work with one of our industry experts who are continually building and maintaining an extensive network of individuals, who have all been vetted to ensure complete compliancy for the duration of the assignment. Our aim is to have a short list of vetted candidates to you within 24 – 48 hours of being briefed about a new vacancy. All candidates will be, where possible, interviewed face to face prior to been presented to the client, this increases the quality of the candidates the client interviews and ensures we manage the recruitment process effectively throughout.

Larson Groups offers an APSCo approved contract but will also work to client’s contracts following a stringent review process. Rates and fees vary depending on a variety of factors all aimed to ensure our clients are provided with candidates at speed, with a choice that matches their needs.


Contingency recruitment or Distressed recruitment is where a client has an immediate need and a stringent timescale to recruit. Larson Group will tap into our extensive network and growing database of permanent candidates that our team has personally vetted. We provide clients a recruitment and interview strategy that will speed up their process, heighten their success rate and provide transparent costs giving them comfort that we can effectively meets their immediate needs. Throughout the entire process, our touch point and dialogue with candidates and client remains high, to ensure the smooth delivery during the recruitment process and the notice periods, resulting in a high degree of success and further retention. This is purely a success related fee, where we look to provide the client with Speed, Choice and Match to ensure success.

Retained i-larson

Executive search and selection is becoming a main stream recruitment methodology for client who are looking to engage with the very best candidates in both the passive and active markets. Our Retained service via i-larson, is designed to identify, approach, attract and finally secure the ‘best in class’, talent from within specific niche market environments. The vast majority of these candidates are not registered with agencies, not active on the job boards and therefore invisible to the standard recruiter and client. Larson Group will engage with clients on an exclusive basis utilising i-larson, where we will deliver a short list of candidates who have all been profiled, interviewed face to face and referenced, within a set period of time.

i-larson is our unique Digital Recruitment process that enhances candidate selection, candidate matching, client assessment and the delivery process for all Retained Search clients’. The process achieves new employee retention rates of 96% over 12 months and 93% over two years. So confident are we in i-larson, it comes with an industry leading candidate replacement policy should things fall into the 4% drop out rate in the first year. This process was designed and developed in partnership with one of the world’s leading behavioural profiling companies, McQuaig, and our development partners, who have undertaken in-depth analysis and research of over 4000 candidate interviews and 200 consultant conversations, which is why the process was named “an industry game changer” by Recruiter magazine in 2013.

By combining recognised tools, such as McQuaig behavioural profiling and our own recruitment methodologies in Retained Search, our clients are able to profile their own environments using McQuaig’s tools, matching that profile against the candidates behavioural profiling results, prior to the interview stage. Video based pre-selection interviews, which allow the client to physically see the candidate prior to an interview, the behavioural profiling tool provides the client with competence-based interview questions based on the candidate’s profile against the job specification. This enhances the clients’ selection process, enabling them to ask questions not normally asked during the initial interview stage.

This gives the client an unparalleled insight into shortlisted candidates, vastly improving the quality of the client interview while also reducing the amount of candidates the client would normally see during this phase, saving them one of the biggest costs of recruitment process, which is the time invested by the client during the initial recruitment phase.

Via a secure individual portal, the client and the candidates are able to access the McQuaig results, videos, job specification, client information and so much more on-line 24/7, via computer, tablet or smartphone. Meaning clients with multiple decision makers, across numerous sites, are able to quickly and efficiently review all applications, leaving information and actions required for each candidate for our consultants to follow-up on immediately. Equally the candidate is able to see where they are in the recruitment process at any one time and add any additional relevant information to their profile during the process.

The client receives the following when using i-larson:

  • Candidate profiles tailored to your organisation.
  • Candidate introduction video.
  • Executive summary written by a Larson consultant following our initial face to face interview.
  • A video of the candidate answering pre-set questions by the client.
  • The McQuaig behavioural results matched against the companies McQuaig profile.
  • Competency benchmark graph.
  • Role and candidate-specific competency questions
  • The Candidates CVs, references and full profile.
  • The market map will be presented to you on a monthly basis and all information the client has requested will be fully detailed.
  • The SRC will promote your business to each candidate as an employer of choice in the area, in order to create a brilliant first impressions and spread your name across the market place constantly and consistently.
  • If the you wish to engage with any of the candidates the SRC will facilitate the engagement process through to completion. If you wish to engage with a candidate directly at any time, you can, it’s your inventory.
  • The candidates journey throughout the process will be managed by the PRC in order to create a positive engagement and disengagement process, in order carry on promoting the good name of your business across the geographical region.

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