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Welcome to 360 Defence (UK) Limited

360 Defence (UK) Limited is a highly experienced training provider and risk consultant company with decades of experience and a unique team of multi-discipline experts.

We specialise in cyber protection; anti and counter terrorism; business continuity management; officer safety training; operational security for emergency services; reputation protection management; self defence, asset protection; and media crisis management.

As an independent company with no political formations or alignments 360Defence is universally recognised as the premier provider of training in Krav Maga and Krav Maga Maor self-defence for law enforcement agencies, emergency services, security personnel and multi-national corporations in the UK and internationally.

In 2014, in conjunction with 2T Security  and Help2InfoSec, we jointly created a modified attack tree approach to risk assessment and management for the awareness, anticipation and avoidance of problems pertaining to any business or project within a wide variety of sectors – including business, government, military or law enforcement.

Drawing on the experience of subject matter specialists (SCS), who can be engaged directly or to implement train the trainer programmes, the 360 risk management process enables users to efficiently identify and analyse possible threats. This has since matured into RiskTree ™.

By examining the cost, complexity and consequences (CCC) involved for potential attackers, along with the likely financial, physical and reputation damage suffered by those targeted for attack, it is possible to quickly establish levels of risk and take appropriate action to mitigate them.

Completely software independent RiskTree ™ is already used for assessing Cyber risks within UK and devolved government departments. 360 Defence is currently rolling out the methodology to a variety of sectors across the UK and beyond.

Our instructors each have 30 Years plus extensive experience in Cyber, Physical Security, Risk Management and controls and special services across Government, Defence, CNI and Business.

We are also experts in security and risk management with experience spanning 5 decades in all parts of the globe and in all theatres.

We provide direct training as well as corporate ‘survival days’ focusing on defensive techniques to counter everything from street crime and road rage to getting involved in a major incident. We were the first UK Company to offer public Terrorism Awareness training in the UK.


Anti And Counter Terrorism 

  • Unfortunately, the authorities tasked with protecting the country can only do so much. It is the responsibility of everyone to help ensure the safety of family, friends, colleagues and community.
  • Experience has shown that soft targets such as shopping malls, leisure venues, public spaces, transport hubs, banks and other corporate centres are increasingly at risk.
  • 360 Defence developed the UK’s first public terrorism survival course to critical acclaim more than a decade ago and we have been at the forefront of anti and counter terrorism training ever since.
  • We provide a variety of anti and counter terrorism courses, specifically tailored to the needs of law enforcement, military, corporate and civilian participants. Each of these courses can be delivered at your premises or at a third party venue.
  • Our comprehensive reality-based training sessions are designed to benefit anyone working in the public sector, for a local authority, on public transport or involved in the leisure and retail industries.
  • In addition to gaining an insight into how terrorists think, participants are trained to recognise suspicious activity, such as the hostile reconnaissance of targets, and how to implement security measures to deter an attack or reduce the impact of any incident.
  • We work with all our clients to identify their specific risks, create an effective anti-terror strategy and train their people to keep staff and public safe.

Asset Protection 

  • Whatever area of business or the size of your organisation corporate espionage, organised crime and increased terrorist activity makes us all more vulnerable to attack.
  • Serious Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) target legitimate businesses in many ways. It is essential that businesses of all sizes are aware of potential threats and learn how to protect themselves against financial scams, theft of equipment or data and physical attack.
  • It’s estimated that industrial espionage costs businesses as much as $1 trillion a year and cybercrime around $400billion.
  • At 360 Defence we provide effective solutions and training to minimise the threats that could put lives in peril, jeopardise performance, damage reputations and potentially put organisations out of business.
  • Often the best security plans are the most simple, flexible and easily compatible with existing emergency or health and safety strategies. Our highly experienced operatives are here to help effectively and economically assess the risks you face and advise on the options, equipment and products available.
  • Times and habits change so to be most effective all security plans need to be tested and reviewed regularly so everyone in your organisation is familiar with your procedures.
  • Our specialists in IT and physical security work together to ensure a seamless solution overlapping all our clients’ needs.
  • We can survey your premises, assets and current security plans and advise on the installation of physical and procedural security measures to protect all your assets.

Business Continuity 

  • Every organisation needs to take responsibility for resilience in times of crisis. A fire, civil disturbance, criminal act, adverse weather conditions, IT crash or major power cut are just some of the perfectly plausible scenarios that can drive a business or organisation off course.
  • A minor disaster can quickly turn into a major crisis without proper plans in place to enable staff to “keep calm and carry on”.
  • 360 Defence instructors have years of first hand experience in business continuity and resilience planning. Disruption of any kind can be expensive both financially and in terms of reputation and customer confidence.
  • Our tailor-made training courses and consultancy packages can help any organisation quickly identify key issues and the most urgent actions required in the event of problems.
  • We will help devise an economically efficient plan, train staff and prepare contingencies to enable any organisation to continue operations and recover quickly from any size of disruption, regardless of its cause.
  • 360 Defence’s Business Continuity team has a huge range of experience of working with private and public bodies, government and corporate organisations, multi-national firms and small businesses.
  • Experience shows that organisations that invest in training staff and developing business continuity plans recover better, faster and stronger than their unprepared peers and competitors.
  • However Business Continuity is an ongoing project. A plan developed years or months ago and left forgotten and outdated in a drawer can be as much of a liability than an asset. When’s the last time you reviewed yours?

Crisis Management 

  • A crisis can be triggered by almost anything that directly or indirectly has a negative impact on an organisation’s operational ability or reputation. How and when you react to an incident can make all the difference between it being a minor problem or becoming major disaster.
  • At 360 Defence we have a unique team of highly experienced business continuity experts, risk managers, security specialists and media professionals ready to help any organisation to anticipate, avoid or deal with a crisis of any kind.
  • Our trainers have experience working with government departments, public bodies, multi-national organisations, blue-chip companies, law enforcement agencies, emergency services and companies of all sizes to develop, practice and deliver highly effective crisis plans.
  • One of the first casualties of any crisis is often the availability of accurate information. To avoid a catastrophe organisations need to be able to reach out to staff, stakeholders, customers and the public quickly before speculation, rumour and falsehoods fills the communication vacuum and causes even more damage.
  • 360 Defence provides a range of crisis management training courses throughout London, across the UK and internationally, to help equip companies and organisations with the knowledge and skills to understand what will happen in a crisis, how to react and even turn a potential disaster into as positive an outcome as possible.
  • All our courses are tailor-made for clients and their specific needs. Each one can be carried out on-site at your premises or at a location of your choosing.
  • Our experts will help assess the challenges you face, identify stakeholders, create a plan of action, train staff and, if required, regularly review and update your protocols and procedures for anticipating and reacting to events.

Cyber Security 

  • Over the last two decades 360 Defence has been at the forefront of Cyber Security in the UK and internationally.
  • Our team of highly experienced experts have operated across the world in a wide variety of roles for the security services, law enforcement, government departments and international private and public organisations. We have also worked with members of 5-Eye’s community and other UK friendly nations.
  • Within the UK our operatives are accredited suppliers to HM Government and the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our services are available via Crown Commercial, Digital Outcomes, G-Cloud, Public Contracts Scotland, Sell2 Wales Procurement or via direct engagement.
  • Since the early 2000’s we have been assisting organisations to understand the Cyber security risks they face, calculating the dangers and helping to provide counter measures. It’s estimated that 2.9 million firms, accounting for around 52 percent of British businesses, were victims of cyber-crime last year at a cost of £29.1 billion.
  • In a bid to make life easier for potential victims to fight back 360 Defence, in collaboration with 2T Security and Help2InfoSec, has developed a widely acclaimed fast and economical method of risk assessment in the form of RiskTree™.
  • Our approach to combating cyber crime is different from most people. The real world experiences of 360 Defence specialists in providing Personal and Physical Protection for clients, alongside a practical approach to countering Cyber Terrorists and Criminals, enables us to get inside the minds of potential attackers and turn the tables.
  • Bad guys don’t follow rules and we believe that understanding how they think gives us an edge when it comes to devising the right tools and techniques to thwart their attacks.

Operational Security 

  • At 360 Defence we think like ‘bad guys’ to discover our clients’ weaknesses and use that information to help them create protective measures against a variety of threats to operational effectiveness.
  • We combine physical and cyber penetration tests on all data servers, software and hardware assets, including buildings and locations.
  • Our Operational Security experts always think worst case to best case and will identify which information which, if lost, could be harmful to your reputation, productivity or safety of your personnel and customers.
  • We will assist you to determine potential threats, analyse vulnerabilities and implement safeguards to protect crucially important data.
  • Our specialists have decades of experience in helping organisations apply countermeasures against hostile threats and mitigate risks of adversaries obtaining critical operations-related data.
  • 360 Defence operators have worked for numerous UK and overseas government departments, law enforcement agencies, public organisations and blue-chip companies.
  • Incredibly, more than 90 per cent of information obtained by hostile adversaries can be freely collected from Open Sources, such as social media and public documents, without breaking the law.  Do you know how to stop that? We will help recognise vulnerabilities and plug the gaps in your security.


  • To win the battle against criminals, terrorists and other hostile adversaries looking to steal data or cripple an organisation it’s important to recognise and quantify any risks before they can be eliminated, or at least reduced.
  • Until now identifying and calculating risks has been more complicated than necessary, often expensive and frequently less accurate than desired.
  • Now there is RiskTree™, a methodology devised in conjunction with 2T Security and Help2InfoSec. This tried and tested process launched in 2014 is already in use with a number of public and private bodies along with departments within the UK and devolved parliaments.
  • Specially devised to quickly, accurately and economically identify potential risks within an organisation and provide solutions RiskTree™ is a valuable asset to any business sector, government department, military and law enforcement, including assessing up to CNI category 5 risks.
  • RiskTree™ works by examining the cost, complexity, consequences (CCC) and Return of Investment (ROI) for attackers, along with the likely financial, physical and reputation damage impact suffered by their victims. This method makes it possible to quickly establish levels of risk and take appropriate action to mitigate any hazard.
  • Because it is logic based RiskTree™ can be used to model supply chain management, assess an engineering project, support a business case, test business decisions and ideas before committing any large investment, and help model the outcomes of law enforcement or military operations.
  • Our team members are Senior Security Cyber Risk Management specialist, Senior CESG Certified Practitioner, ex CLAS, CSA Star Auditor, and Accredited Cyber Essentials (ACE) Consultants. 360 Defence and our RiskTree™ partners can be engaged directly or to provide a ‘train the trainer ‘ course on how to use RiskTree™ to its full potential.

Self Defence 

  • For more than 40 years 360 Defence experts have been teaching Self Defence and Unarmed Combat to the military, law enforcement, government agencies and private security corporations around the world.
  • As specialists in Krav Maga and Maor 360 Defence was the first organisation to introduce the highly effective and easy to learn techniques into Scotland. We pride ourselves on being the training provider that others follow. We never rest on our laurels and are constantly updating and adapting our techniques to meet the changing needs of our clients .
  • At 360 Defence we believe in teaching the very latest self-defence solutions to meet the constantly evolving armed and unarmed threats from criminals, terrorists and other hostile adversaries.
  • Our instructors are available for group and private one to one sessions. Over the years we are proud to have trained members of military special forces, police officers, paramedics, doctors, nurses, teachers and even vicars.
  • We can offer courses of half and full days to weekends and sometimes weeks of intensive training where necessary.
  • All our courses are specifically tailored to the needs of the trainee. The requirements of a soldier facing an armed adversary are never going to the same as a nurse dealing with a violent drunk. In all cases we teach only the appropriate level of self-defence techniques.
  • Awareness, anticipation and avoidance are just as important to personal security as self-defence and unarmed combat lessons. We have a variety of courses suitable for companies sending staff into hostile regions of the world or those just looking to provide employees with enough knowledge to keep them safe in their every day activities.
  • From avoiding road rage or legally restraining a violent drunk to dealing with multiple armed attackers or a suicide bomber 360 Defence has the solution.


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