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Cherry London 

7-9 William Road London NW1 3ER

T: +44 (0) 20 3111 0500 E: W:

Welcome to Cherry London - We create new possibilities and profitable results for ambitious businesses.

We're a new breed of marketing agency with a story about the power of collaboration. We're independently owned, London based and work globally.

We are alchemists who mix art with science to elevate brands, unlock value, empower the brave and make visions real. We are a multi-award winning company always looking towards the next challenge or brilliant idea.

In 2009 our founder and CEO Tamara Gillan created a strategy for VISA to unite world-leading brands sponsoring the London 2012 Olympics. Through the power of collaboration, it became a games to remember for London and Team GB. Since then we’ve been helping ambitious businesses everywhere to become extraordinary. By creating inspired partnerships we’ve launched giant success stories such as O2 Priority and Jade by HSBC. We’ve elevated powerhouse brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover and we’ve shifted perceptions of Saga, Malibu and sport for young women through our expertise in customer engagement.

We’ve achieved all this thanks to an extraordinary team that combines vision with commercial experience and a deep understanding of new technological solutions. Together we’ve unlocked millions in measurable value for our clients, proving the incredible potential for alchemy through collaboration in a connected world.


Cherry Alchemy is our unique approach to creating the extraordinary. At its heart is collaboration, between Cherries, Clients, Partners, and the Cherry Collective. The Cherry Collective is our extended team of experts from diverse industries: from marketing and education to industry influencers, tech and data gurus. 

We know that collaboration achieves extraordinary results. It’s an adaptable methodology that mixes up the 5 elements in an agile, iterative way, that delivers the right solution for our clients: THINK, CREATE, CONNECT, DELIVER, LEARN

Customer engagement: Winning hearts through understanding passions.

  • Customer engagement, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, driving advocacy… wherever you are on the journey, the meaning of true engagement is that you haven’t just driven a response, you’ve created an emotion.

Strategic partnershipsAchieving the impossible through intelligent collaboration.

  • A true strategic partnership grabs your attention by challenging the norm. They are created between progressive organisations who share their expertise, resources and assets, to reach new heights together.

Partnership marketingUnlocking the power of partnerships to fuel your business.

  • Collaboration between single or multiple brands and individuals offers you the ability to work in a more efficient, more creative and often more sustainable way. By integrating the right partners into your marketing mix through a clear strategy for how the partnerships will be executed, extraordinary value can be delivered back to your business.

Our services

  • Data and Insights
  • Business Planning
  • Brand Strategy 
  • Monetisation
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Wild Cherry
  • Partnerships Stratgey
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Partnership Delivery
  • Loyaltly and Rewards
  • Customer Acquisition



The Cherry team is a hotbed of talented, communicative, innovative people: a combination of creative thinkers, connectors and doers that explains why Cherry London is one of Europe’s fastest-growing agencies utilising the power of collaboration. We are independently owned, based in London and we work globally. We are a multi-award winning company always looking towards the next challenge or brilliant idea.

Led by tenacious entrepreneur, Tamara Gillan, who was awarded Best Female Leader at the Women in Marketing Awards for her marketing leadership, our experience straddles both agency and brand-side, creative and strategic, thinking and delivering. Our central pillar is to develop long-lasting and mutually valuable relationships – that’s what we do every moment of every day.

The Cherry Way

  • Go big, or go home: Hello big world. We’re bursting with ambition and together we have the power to make extraordinary things happen for you. We go large, unleash our inner entrepreneurs, and go all-out for glory for our clients.
  • Never say die: It can be tough out there but for us, the possibilities are endless – because we see potential in every encounter we experience with our clients. We’re ambitious, passionate and ferocious problem-solvers too. We can’t help it — we always see the positive.
  • Absurdly well connected: We’re the new nobility of the connected age — enviably known and knowing, with a network that reaches further and deeper for you. We’re tireless in nurturing our mix of relationships and in turn, you empower us. Through our network we can access innovative thinking and make the winning move at the right moment for our clients. So keep on connecting.
  • Your fight is our fight: Your quest is ours. We’re with you — inspiring, encouraging, challenging, empowering and defending you fiercely all the way. Because together we’re extraordinary, and side-by-side we’ll conquer the world.
  • Little things matter: Right drink, favourite cup, your dog’s birthday in our calendars. Details spark delight, small things shape the big picture, and every act is another chance to prove to our clients that we care in every way.
  • #lovedata #lovecommerce: We want data and more data: if it moves, measure it. If you’re changing the game you’ve got to understand and measure the impact that drives return on investment. We’re relentless in gathering the proof for our clients that the new alchemy delivers extraordinary results.


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