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Welcome to the LIVE Agency

With LIVE you get the boutique feel of a small sampling agency – but with big agency delivery. We have an amazing extended family of sampling staff and partners that help us create our branded product sampling experiences. But at the heart of our studio is a tight-knit team that give every client the proper attention they need.  

Our philosophy is built around humans, so we value calls over emails, meetings over calls, and experiences above all else. Read more about us



At LIVE, we have over a decades’ experience in getting brand products into the right hands. We achieve this through a combination of flawless strategy, creative implementation, and expert execution.

But not all product sampling campaigns are created equal, and we pride ourselves on creating bespoke, personalised campaigns to suit your requirements, across four core offerings:


Sampling Staff
Sampling staff are fundamental in getting your product into the hands of your audience. We have a 3,000 strong, award-winning staff book filled with experienced brand ambassadors that know how to engage with your customers in the right way.

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Create an unforgettable brand experience with your product at the centre. Our creative teams will devise something truly unique – matching your brand philosophy and giving consumers a reason to come back – creating long-lasting brand devotion.

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In-Store Demos
In-store ‘retailtainment’ and demonstrations, working across the John Lewis portfolio, Harrods, Selfridges and the DSG estate. Here we engage and demonstrate for brands at point of purchase, driving immediate sales, brand loyalty and positive ROI.

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Pop-Up Retail
Build a space that brings your audience to you. A Pop-Up campaign allows you to control the space, message and create an immersive experience. Our experts will select the venue based on your brief, hire the right ambassadors for your brand, and deliver ROI.

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Bespoke services to suit your campaign requirements


Brand Ambassadors

For over a decade we’ve led the market with our award-winning recruitment programme, affectionately known as the ‘auditions’. This ensures we source and retained the very best-in-class sampling staff in our industry. Our expertly trained and professional brand ambassadors will engage with your customers, making them feel comfortable and creating experiences that feel natural. With members from all across Europe, our promotional staffing agency is also bilingual. We only approve the top 20% of our applicants, incentivising them to continue to be the best.


Content & Technology

With an ever-increasing need to ‘belong’ in the digital world, our LIVE sampling campaigns provide content that amplifies the experience, continuing the journey and providing insightful data.

Utilising new technologies and research, we’re constantly striving to enhance and innovate where possible. Whether through AR, VR, holograms or gesture recognition, we collaborate with the sectors leading specialists to ensure we’re ahead of the curve and challenge consumers to think, and react, differently.


Insightful Creative

Our in-house Creative & Design teams are relentless in their pursuit of creating unique product sampling experiences that inspire your customers, as well as being enjoyable, memorable and shareable.

Based on insight driven data, our planning teams will formulate a bespoke strategy, ensuring that we delivery a campaign that resonates with the target audience and amplifies your brand ethos.


Venues & Location

Understanding the right location for your brand – the consumer and their journey, the messaging, the call to action – is paramount in selecting where to go.

From over a decade of on-the-ground brand partnerships, we’ve devised a vast database of learnings to ensure pinpoint accuracy for every campaign. From events, festivals, retail-parks, shopping malls, and other commercial outlets,  we understand location, location and location.


Logistics & Production

Our logistics team operates nationally, offering a full suite of services from storage, handling and distribution across ambient, chilled and frozen sampling products. 

With an efficient, scalable platform, and an experienced team of sampling experts, we’ll ensure your product reaches your consumers in perfect condition, on time and on budget!


Evaluation & Bespoke ROI

With an ever-increasing mandate to justify marketing investment it’s vital we measure, track, record all campaigns in real-time – and up to 6 months post-launch – ensuring we’re maximising results.

By measuring control vs non we can deliver a bespoke ROI model for our campaigns. ROI metrics include sales uplift, conversion to purchase, brand advocacy and affinity, and content creation, depending on the brief.


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