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Kaleidoscope Consultants Ltd

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Welcome to Kaleidoscope Consultants

We are thought-leaders and innovators in the ethical and lawful handling of personal data 

Kaleidoscope are subject matter experts who develop advice and guidance for public and private sector organisations on the lawful use of Personal Confidential Data. We have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the lawful utilisation and sharing of Personal Confidential Data and have created lean and robust governance structures and systems that provide appropriate technical and organisational controls.

Our broad range of clients use Kaleidoscope for the reassurance and enjoyment of working with authoritative subject matters experts in information governance. We are able to support organisations as they prepare to implement the new General Data Protection Regulations.

Kaleidoscope works directly with organisations as well as through non-specialist consultancies and legal advisers.

Data Protection Officer 

We offer suitably qualified, named, Data Protection Officers (DPO) to fulfil your statutory duties under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We provide a tailored service, that meets at least the minimum standard, but can offer enhanced services seamlessly integrated with your organisation. 


With a partner, Kaleidoscope have developed a SAAS-based tool to help organisations satisfy GDPR mapping and recording requirements (Article 30: Records of Processing Activities). Users can be allocated roles as information asset owners, and required to report and assure the DPO that assets are secure; also that flows are accounted for and are equally secure. The result is a comprehensive register of information assets and flows which meets the requirement in the regulation to make processing records available to the supervisory authority on demand (currently the Information Commissioner’s Office) and which allows the organisation to manage the assets it controls, providing assurance to the board/senior management team (SMT) that information assets are appropriately managed and secured.


Kaleidoscope can supply subject matter expert candidates to organisations in several ways. We can help you design your work as a work package. This can be most useful to you where you have a project budget and your focus is on the delivery of defined outcomes. You still maintain the control of the work and direct it for the organisation and you will benefit from having a fixed rate for the job. We will share responsibility for finding a team of candidates who can deliver different activities or stages of work. With this approach substitution is possible where the scope or of the project or the skills needed changes. Or we can supply more traditional agency workers, or permanent and fixed term employees who you engage directly.


We can offer authoritative training which provides all the essential information delegates need, but also encourages lively debate to really get behind the reality of grappling with the issues in complex work situations. While having deep knowledge of their specialist subject, our consultants are not dry theorists – they have undertaken a variety of information governance positions in large and small organisations across a range of sectors.


We help public and private-sector organisations to navigate complex law and policy, particularly in health and social care in England, including access to central services, such as the Health and Social Care Network (previously N3, IGsoC and IGT), CareAssure, Section 251 and IGARD (previously DAAG) applications.


We work with other consultancies and legal advisers, and design the information governance architecture for software developers. Our background in marketing and understanding of the health and social care market structure can help companies to access the UK market.


We have extensive experience of enabling large and small scale information sharing nationally, regionally and sub-regionally. We are expert in all aspects of the lawful utilisation and sharing of Personal Confidential Data (PCD), including creation of governance structures and systems to provide appropriate levels of technical and organisational control and risk management.

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