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Strategy Management Partners

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Welcome to Strategy Management Partners - Making Strategy Happen

At Strategy Management Partners, we focus on helping organisations clarify, test and execute their strategies successfully. We do so through our expertise, our working ethos and our ability to understand our clients' unique context and challenges.

We harness our clients' strengths, tackle the gaps and uncomfortable truths so they can succeed and own their strategies. We work in partnership to develop pragmatic and lasting solutions as well as the in house competencies necessary to keep learning and refreshing strategic choices. 

Our expertise is underpinned by our experience in driving measurable transformation, change, and performance improvement in diverse contexts and situations in the UK and around the world, for smaller and large private and public sector organisations, over the last 20 years.  RESOURCES , ARTICLES AND CASES

Our mission is to have real impact on the way organisations implement and manage strategy.  We help you make your strategies happen.

How we work

  • We challenge conventional thinking.
  • Our clients own their strategies and the implementation journey.
  • We adapt our expertise and know-how to our clients’ unique contexts.
  • We use proven tools and methodologies.
  • We work with leaders and teams at all levels.  We believe in engaging and making strategy relevant no matter the job.
  • We bring best practices and leading edge thinking. We are passionate about advancing the discipline of strategy along side other thought leaders and a network of world-class practitioners.
  • We develop your in-house strategy competencies.
  • We support our clients throughout their strategy execution journey.
  • We share our clients’ ambitions to achieve real transformation and success.

We help our clients get results with better strategy implementation and agile strategy management.

Meet our team and find out more about what we do 

Delivering and managing strategy needs an on-going process of developing, planning, implementing, testing, reviewing and adapting an organisation’s strategy. Organisations that formalise their strategy management process consistently outperform their peers.

However, it’s not just about good process and analysis.  It’s also about effective leadership, new ways of managing, and fostering engagement. It’s understanding the critical few priorities and the trade offs to make; it’s knowing how to assess and draw insights from performance to steer towards a better future; and it’s learning how to work together for the good of the whole organisation.  All are required to become a truly successful strategy driven organisation.

What are your most pressing strategy and change challenges?

  • Is the need for change understood and agreed?
  • Are the strategic priorities clearly expressed? Are the trade offs understood?
  • Can everyone interpret the strategy to be meaningful for their own functions/departments/ teams and deliver results?  Is there true alignment and engagement with the strategic agenda?
  • Is the leadership visibly committed to the implementation?
  • Do strategic improvement initiatives have adequate focus, momentum and sponsorship?  Are they clearly prioritised?
  • Is the organisation equipped to follow-through on its commitments to deliver results?
  • Is the organisation engaged, teams motivated and strategy integrated with operations?
  • Are the strategy planning, governance and budgeting processes adequately co-ordinated?
  • Is individual and team performance management aligned with the strategy and the organisation’s mission, vision and values?

We would welcome an opportunity to talk about how we might best be able to support you.








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