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Harrison Moody Training & Development Consulting Ltd 

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Welcome to Harrison Moody Training & Development Consulting Ltd 

We help our clients achieve outstanding results through the efforts of their own people.

We help our clients identify what they need to keep doing exactly the same and what they need to do differently to improve business performance . We design and deliver training and development programmes that enhance the knowledge, talent and capability of their people to achieve sustainable business improvement. Read more about us

Our Public Sector Clients include





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Executive Training & Development

Essential Business Skills Training

  • Our training programmes are designed to help individuals develop essential skills they can apply effectively and confidently in their role at work. Our programmes are tailored to meet individual client real needs to ensure they are business focused and relevant. Our programmes are challenging, highly participative and fun, where people learn in a variety of ways whilst developing new skills, knowledge and confidence. 

Leadership & Management Development

  • Working with you we identify real learning and development needs thereby ensuring participants develop essential leadership and management skills so they can apply them effectively and confidently. Our programmes are challenging, highly participative and fun where delegates learn in a variety of ways developing new skills, knowledge and confidence. We work with newly appointed team leaders through to senior managers and board directors alike.

Team Development

  • We can help you build and develop teams and team performance to achieve your business objectives and goals consistently. Our approach ensures that attention is paid to the real development needs of a team, mindful of the many challenges it faces, to design and deliver a programme that drives measurable and permanent improvement. We focus on improving team climate, cooperation, cohesion, participation, shared leadership and team working. Our team development support can range from one day events to modular programmes dependent on your needs.

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

  • Business performance relies upon people possessing the right skills, knowledge, experience, attitudes, behaviours and of course the confidence to apply them. Coaching and Mentoring - something we do with our clients, not to them. Our approach is to identify and locate their skills, knowledge and experience and then to work with them to develop new thinking and strategies for unleashing their many talents and to achieve their true potential. Using a variety of simple tools and techniques we endeavour to encourage, support, challenge and ultimately witness an irreversible transformation in workplace performance and personal achievement.

Career Transitiion

  • Individuals who are going through career transition often need support to recognise their transferable knowledge and skills, and to identify internal or external opportunities for their future career development. We can help by providing career coaching, advice and training on CV writing, interviewing and job search skills and  self-employment coaching. By equipping your employees with skills for their future, you will preserve your reputation as an employer of choice, whilst maintaining your organisation’s strength and competitive edge through a versatile and committed workforce.

Business Consulting

Strategic Business Planning

  • Our initial approach is to take you through a strategic business planning process, examining every aspect of your business to ensure your vision of the future is the right one! We’ll encourage you to challenge conventional thinking and to keep doing so. We’ll challenge you by asking you the questions you don’t yet routinely ask yourself. Working with you we’ll help you design and develop your future strategic business plan taking into account every action needed for every step of the way.

Managing Change & Continuous Improvement

  • We’ll show you what you’re not seeing. We’ll encourage you to challenge conventional thinking and to keep doing so. We’ll challenge you by asking you the questions you don’t yet routinely ask yourself. We’ll support you by being on hand to help you overcome obstacles and barriers and to provide essential skills training for the change journey. Working with you we’ll design and develop a tailored change management process that will bring about appropriate and sustainable change in pursuit of your identified business improvement objectives and goals.

Human Resources Consulting

  • We can support your existing HR team, or assist line managers with the varied, complex and important responsibilities of managing people fairly and effectively. Our approach is to help you to improve delivery of HR services, whether in drafting or updating policies and procedures, conducting HR investigations, delivering training, or providing advice and guidance to managers. Working with you we can provide services on a one-off, project or interim basis according to your needs, helping to improve all aspects of people management in a timely and cost-effective way.

Workforce Planning

  • Is about ensuring that you have the right people with the right skills and knowledge, in the right roles, helping you to achieve business objectives both now and in the future. Our approach is to identify the strategies which will help you to achieve this, be that through workforce development, recruitment and release, talent management, succession planning, or integrated working with other organisations. Working with you we can provide services on a one-off, project or interim basis, helping to develop a robust, flexible and highly skilled workforce.

Conference & Management

  • Working with you we can support you from the inception of an idea to the hands on minute by minute management of your event or conference. We can help you plan, theme, design select  venues, support delegates and with all aspects of your audio visual requirements. Our experience ranges from managing small and simple events to large international conferences  with hundreds of delegates, elaborate awards ceremonies and multi-media audio visual support. We can provide simply advice, extending to a complete event project management service dependent on your needs. 

Recent assignments include:

  • Financial Services & Banking
  • National Health Service
  • Large Retail
  • H M Government
  • Local Government
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Utilities and Power Generation
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Large Manufacturing
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Legal & Accounting Professions
  • Travel & Leisure Industry
  • IT & Software development Industry
















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