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Emsec Easy Move Sheets

21, Langton Grove

About Us

Emsec Easy Move Sheets was founded in the historic and beautiful market Town of Devizes in Wiltshire and is a division of Kinergy UK Ltd. The products are all made in the UK.

Emsec Easy Move Sheets was launched in 2005 following increasing interest in bed linen specifically designed to aid mobility in bed and for all those who find turning or repositioning in bed a challenge.

The development of the sheets has been closely linked to feedback received from our Customers and Occupational Therapists across the UK. The resulting range Emsec Easy Move Sheets is rapidly becoming a leading manufacturer providing high quality and effective products for the Independent Living sector.

Emsec Easy Move Sheets - Winner - Best for Low Mobility Medical Bedding Products 2016  Biotechnology Awards.



Easy Move Sheets - Help regain and maintain your independence in Bed

A range of three, simple yet effective, solutions help patients with difficulty turning, moving and re-positioning in bed.

  • Secure Sit & Slide Sheets

Has low friction ultra smooth satin in the centre and special grip fabric at the sides for secure sitting on the edge of the bed and at the foot end for feet to push against to assist the patient to turn/move in bed. 

  • Easy Turn Sheets

Easy Turn fitted sheet is 3/4 ultra smooth low friction satin fabric under the body and upper legs and 1/4 special grip fabric at the foot end of the sheet so that heels do not slip when applying pressure when turning in bed.

  • Easy Slide Sheets

Made of 100% Satin Fabric, is best for those with reduced body and leg strength to help slide easily in bed.

All the fitted sheets are fully elasticated all around so that it stays on the mattress, suitable for all beds including adjustable and hospital beds. They are available in a range of UK bed sizes.

Many Occupational Therapists and Back Care specialists recommend the EMSEC Easy Move Sheets range of products for various ailments resulting in mobility challenges in bed viz. Parkinson’s Disease, Arthritis, Motor Neuron Diseases, Stroke, Amputation, Cancer etc.









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