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Rare Business 

91 Lansdowne Place, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1FN

T: + 44 (0) 7971 608821 OR +44 (0) 20 3239 2402 E: W: AND

Helping public sector departments and agencies solve their customer related growth, service or experience problems

We are a boutique strategy and leadership development consultancy that focuses on helping managers and leaders of ambitious departments and agencies improve and grow through the creation, design and delivery of exceptional customer service and customer experiences.

Our driving passion is to help create, develop and grow businesses that take care of their customers in the best way possible and create the great teams needed to deliver that. Our work always results in higher performance, better productivity, word of mouth, better service and an improved overall customer and employee experience.


  • Practical and effective strategy articulation and implementation planning.


  • The review, design and creation of great customer experience.


  • The achievement of a higher level of performance and productivity.


  • We help established, open-minded, niche, ambitious and growth-focused departments and agencies identify and drive growth and improved performance in their businesses by working with them, predominantly, in two areas: 1. The review and design of a great customer experience; and 2. The achievement of a higher level of performance and productivity need to underpin and sustain the delivery of great service and experience.


  • We work directly with leaders and their teams to shape and support the implementation of breakthrough strategies. Typical assignment areas include: Implementing a new performance strategy and action plan; Engaging your employees and Delivering great customer or client service.


  • We use research, analysis and practical and creative thinking to help departments, organisations and agencies understand and navigate their way through problems related to growth, customers and people.


  • We deliver tailored workshops and seminars designed to enhance strategy, marketing, customer experience and customer service skills for a range of organisations across the private and public sectors.


Adrian’s insight was invaluable and he was a most engaging speaker. All who attended learnt much about what customer service really means and that it is not really that hard; just have to do it – every time. 
Managing Partner, Law Firm

Adrian is insightful, challenging and a pleasure to work with. He has an excellent understanding of what drives great client experience and is a powerful communicator.
Marketing and Business Development Director, Financial Services

Until you work with Adrian, you won’t know how much value he can add to your business. He showed me several tools and ideas that I use every day. Not ‘pie in the sky’ theories but practical tools that reduce my costs and increase my profits.
Marketing Director, Construction

Your session was simply outstanding, it was a real pleasure to meet you and hear your insights.
Head of Content, Institutional Events, Financial Services

Adrian is one of the most strategic thinking people that I know. Whilst he can do ‘the detail’, his natural inclination and real value add is to take clients beyond the present and stretch conversations to include what may lie beyond the immediate horizon. He thinks laterally and draws on a wealth of concepts. If you are thinking of getting a progressive coach to help you, Adrian’s your person.
Leadership Development, Construction Company

Adrian is an essential part of our strategic management. He has listened, guided and empowered us at every stage of our development.
Director, Catering And Food Manufacturing Company


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