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Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions (Professional Standards)
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Professional Standards
Maintaining trust and confidence in your organisation
The principle of policing by consent relies on the trust and confidence that the public has in the Police Service, wider Law Enforcement and Justice Communities. Professional Standards play an important role in the maintenance of these principles. Trust, confidence and indeed reputation can be undermined by a failure to effectively manage misconduct, complaints and even misconduct within an organisation. 
The SCJS Professional Standards training focuses on a number of key themes. These include the quality management of internal and external conduct by police and police staff; misconduct investigations relating to internal matters (such as corruption and improper use of police facilities); complaints against the police by people outside the organisation; internal investigations, including the most serious of investigations (to include deaths in police custody and shootings by police).
SCJS staff have a wide experience of managing and leading Professional Standards Units in police forces of England and Wales, as well as investigating allegations made against police officers, including criminal offences. Team members have also experience organising the provision of Anti-Corruption Units in other countries and advising on operational practices and procedures.  Our capability includes:
Advising on Appropriate Structures and Systems for a Professional Standards Unit Within Existing Legal and Professional Frameworks
Establishing Standard Operating Procedures
Advising on Case Management and Related Processes
Handling Allegations of Sensitivity
Investigation of Criminal Offences against Police Officers and Staff
Interviewing of Witnesses and Police Officers
Searching, Seizing and Gathering Evidence
Creation of Files for a Prosecuting Authority
Standards of professional policing behavior, Codes of Conduct and Ethics

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