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Neptune Close
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We have always had a vision. In the countries where we operate, we want people to recognise VeeTee as a key player in the international foods market.  Whether those people are culinary experts or just enjoy eating well, we want them to recognise VeeTee for increasing access to quality, customised food. Food that will always be delivered simply, efficiently and, as you’d expect from the Masters of Rice, tastily.


Our approach to business is simple.

VeeTee’s vision is to be a key player in the international foods market, in the countries where we operate, recognised for increasing accessibility to quality, customised international food, delivered with simplicity to attract consumers at every level of culinary expertise.

Underpinning our vision are 8 core values which shape who we are, how we behave and we stand by them to meet our customers’ expectations, helping to make our business as successful tomorrow as it is today:

Obsess Over Customers

We firmly believe in providing the best possible service for our stakeholders and customers. We will always go the extra mile and seek ways to further improve our consumer value.

Collaborate & Share Knowledge

By working together as a team, we unlock powerful ideas and overcome any challenging obstacles that we may face. Contribute positively and unlock the best in each other.

Be Rigorous. Get It Right.

We strive for quality and excellence in everything we do, aiming to get things right the first time. We work hard and are proud of the work we produce and our brand, and we will never be satisfied with being ‘good enough’.

Treat others with respect & dignity

We respect one another, recognising that our success is hugely dependent on the commitment, capabilities and diversity of our employees. We push each other in order to inspire confidence and fulfil our greatest potential.

Innovate & Simplify

We encourage innovation are always striving to be pioneers in manufacturing and product breakthroughs. We anticipate and adapt to change and respond to it with creative solutions, whilst also keeping things simple, to avoid wasting money, resources and time.

Turn ideas into action

We take risks in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage and tackle the problems we face. If our ambitions and ideas aren’t daunting, we aren’t pushing ourselves hard enough.  We welcome a challenge and difficulties give us the chance to demonstrate ability.

Conduct business ethically

Our decisions are always made with ethical and responsible reasoning, and we always act transparently to deliver our promises. We stay true to our values and try our best to help achieve environmental, economic and social wellbeing to all.

Seek diverse perspectives

We embrace learning opportunities from experience around the world, seeking a variety of diverse perspectives. Everybody has something to learn, and we should understand others before pushing to be understood ourselves. 

VeeTee Heat & Eat


VeeTee Supreme


Long Grain Rice

VeeTee Mega

VeeTee Thai


VeeTee is one of the largest rice mills in the UK, with a group turnover circa £150m.

Delivering great tasting products for our customers and consumers is our sole focus.  Using state-of-the-art milling, grading, sortexing and packing facilities we supply dry rice products to the highest standards. Our responsibility to the public is paramount and we continually invest in our manufacturing facilities to improve both product quality and efficiencies, whilst ensuring we meet the stringent safety requirements of the food industry.

Strict quality management processes ensure our products meet the highest health and safety requirements of the food industry:
  • Rice comes in various different formats, varieties and qualities. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that only the very best quality is selected for shipment.

  • The husked rice is cleaned, de-stoned and before being sea-freighted to our mill in the UK.

  • If producing white rice we use leading technology to whiten & polish the grains, ensuring efficient bran removal to give the grains an appealing clean white appearance.

  • Our optical sorters look at each individual grains of rice detecting shape, length and colour to guarantee uniformity and an average grain length.

  • Broken rice is sifted out and packaged specifically for customers who require broken grains, meaning less wastage.

  • We employ an environmentally friendly pest control system which avoids the use of environmentally damaging chemicals and gases.

  • The rice is packaged into various formats designed to appeal to a range of different customer groups, from 500g packs to 1-tonne bags.

Our Commitment

As a major private label supplier, we ensure our manufacturing processes and standards consistently deliver food products of the highest quality.  We pride ourselves on being a trusted and safe supplier and believe that it is through our value of integrity that we maintain such long-standing business relationships with our customers. We are committed to manufacturing products to the highest quality. This requires an obsessive attention to detail within our business which stretches beyond the products we make - it is our way of working, and we strive to deliver the highest quality in all aspects of our work, from our technical support through to our accounts function and the customer relationships. 

As experts in rice, Veetee holds a number of accreditations and associations:


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