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Midac UK Limited

15 Radfords Field
Maesbury Road
SY10 8RA

T:  +44 01691 663111
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About Us

Passion, commitment and innovation to achieve excellence.

The only company that produces Automotive, Motive power and Stationary batteries in the same manufacturing plant, in less than twentyfive years it has become one of the leading companies in Europe and its products are sold worldwide

The results obtained are the fruit of the effort that each department, each office has put into improving the products and the quality of service and to seek out new solutions, but it is also thanks to the trust that our customers and partners have placed in the company that we have reached certain technological goals and peaks in our turnover. The challenges we pose ourselves in the future are to further bind our production to matching performance with the environment, constructional quality with an optimized production chain, opening to foreign markets while strengthening our Italian identity, because it is only through technological research, care for our products and by exploiting the worth of our HR, that Midac can succeed in attaining new targets.

Midac has lab tests carried out on the raw materials (physical and chemical tests) and on the finished product (mechanical, functional and electrical tests) to guarantee the utmost reliability of its production. To give an example, our standards of quality and endurance and safety tests for the Automotive sector, such as the Roll-Over Test, comply with the stringent specifications of the primary global automobile Companies. The company relies heavily on research veered toward accumulating and exploiting energy to manufacture innovative batteries intended for diverse and emerging markets (telecommunications, renewable energy sources, emergency systems, boating and other special usage), capable of competing and being up to par with the competition of large international manufacturers.

Global Expansion

Midac, the only company that produces Automotive, Motive power and Stationary batteries in the same manufacturing plant, has become one of the leading companies in Europe and its products are sold worldwide.

The strong international expansion of the Italian company is evidenced by the 6 foreign branches, with which Midac is present in France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia and United Kingdom.

The key to the success of Midac is definitely the continuous technological research aimed at producing increasingly innovative and high performance batteries, which allows the company to compete in the market with superior quality products.

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Integrated Management System


Since 2007 Midac is no longer just quality and innovation of the product, but it is also quality and innovation of the process. By adopting the Toyota Production System, at first using Lean Tools within its production units and then extending the Lean method to the office environment to improve and slim down all supportive processes, Midac has today succeeded in increasing the overall level of quality, in perfecting the processes, in developing human potential, all essential values to become a company that is Dantots, or far ahead of all others.

The founding principles of this productive organization are five:

1. identify value for the customer
2. understand the process in creating value
3. create value-flow
4. have the customer tow the value-flow
5. strive for perfection

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After over a year spent on the development and finalization of the Punching Technology System, the introduction of the Power Inside grids has improved the quality and reliability of the whole Midac range. A concrete step towards the development of new batteries that, combined with the new technologies of the automotive world, will make cars more efficient, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Punching Technology System is the first equipment of this kind installed in the world; the combination of high production speed and extreme precision makes it unique in its kind.

Power Inside is a line of new grids featuring a robust design and providing excellent performances.

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Midac has always been committed to promote an intelligent use of our planet's resources, which is why it has commissioned the construction in its headquarters in Soave of one of the biggest plants for the production of electrical energy throughout Veneto, making its entire complex, production plant and administrative offices, 100% energetically self-sufficient.

The system is impressive, contributing a saving on emissions into the atmosphere of nearly 945 tons of CO2 per year, thanks to a structure consisting of more than 6,000 photovoltaic modules. The plant, which cost a total of roughly 5 million euros, covers a total surface of approximately 10,500 sq. m. and has a rated peak power of 1432.60 kWp.

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Certification is a key leverage to consolidate and develop the business of a company like Midac, which deals with the pressure of an ever more demanding and competitive market. Filing for certification is therefore a guarantee of the constant effort exerted by the company to pursue its goals for quality and to seek mutual satisfaction in relations with customers and suppliers.

To be specific, Midac's management system is certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007

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Midac, which has always been sensitive to a high quality and eco-friendly management of battery life, is among the founders of the ECOPOWER division, born out of the national Consortium ECOPED, not an ordinary waste trader, but a full-fledged system to qualify and monitor the production chain, whose ultimate goal is to recall exhaust lead batteries and to produce recycled lead to deliver to Partners who manufacture new batteries from waste. ECOPOWER does not pursue profit in going about its endeavor, but rather to make the most of waste recycling, viewed here as an asset. This is the reason the batteries are recalled in favorable market conditions (as are present ones) and with disadvantageous lead prices at the stock exchange of London (LME): the recall service is nonetheless guaranteed.

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