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Welcome to Free Rock UK - Security Intelligently Managed

Free Rock UK has combined the real world knowledge, experience and skills of former and current members of the UK's Armed & Emergency Services, NATO, UN, OPCW and partner nations to deliver client focused training, consultancy and specialist services for Defence, Corporate, NGO, Media, Governmental and Charity Sectors


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  • We are a registered partner of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s 'Know Before You Go' campaign, which provides British nationals with top tips and information on preparing for travel overseas. 

CONSULTANCY All the services you need, in one place. We have what it takes to help you prosper

CBRN Consultancy Free Rock UK have combined the experience, capabilities and skills of the Commander, Deputy Commander, key operational and training staffs of the Combined Joint Multi National CBRN Task Force (CJ-MN-CBRN-TF) for NATO Reaction Force 13 (NRF13) and the UK's Defence CBRN Wing to provide expert CBRN consultancy to all sectors. Free Rock UK is at the vanguard of Counter CBRN Operations, Emergency Planning, Risk and Disaster Management; Our key personnel are drawn the most senior, current and operationally experienced CBRN specialists from the UK’s Tier 1 CBRN capabilities. Furthermore, and taking advantage of new structures and employment architecture we are able to bring the inside, out. 

CBRN Capabilities Our specialist instructors and consultants have significant experience delivering CBRN capabilities for the UK, NATO and Partner Nations.  

CBRN Training Free Rock UK offer a variety of CBRN courses designed around a core syllabus and shaped to meet the requirements of our clients. Courses include CBRN Awareness, Operator, Team Leader, Strategic Commander and Capability Developer. We can also support your capability development for Tactical, Operational and Strategic requirements. Our teams can deploy as Short Term Training Teams (STTT) or for longer periods as required.

Trials and Development Team The Free Rock UK Trials and Development Team are seasoned professionals who offer real world experience to providing an open, honest and upfront trials capability to support our clients in the development of new equipment and concepts. We are pleased to have supported and continue to support innovative and cutting edge equipment and capabilities.

High Value Asset Protection Free Rock UK draw upon the unique skill sets required to secure, protect and defend High Value Assets and their associated support around the world. Our consultants have operated in some of the most volatile areas of the world ensuring the safety of assets and personnel both behind a secure perimeter and in the surrounding environment. Both 'inside' and 'outside' the wire are complex operating areas that require specialist skill sets to ensure safety, security and resilience. 


Decon7 was developed by the US Military for Chemical and Biological Decontamination. Now available in the UK for use in Military, First Responder and Business Sectors. 

Why Decon7: Originally developed for the Department of Defence, D7 is a multi-part, cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer that was originally patented to neutralize the world’s greatest chemical and biological threats. After over $39 million invested in development and testing, D7 has now tailored this military engineered product to cater to the needs of other industries. D7 has a twenty-four year history of safety, efficacy, and performance with the US Military and NATO countries. The FBI and numerous other law enforcement, fire, EMS, and HAZMAT teams use D7 for cleanup operations.


Drones in the wrong hands can be dangerous. The threat is increasing as paparazzi, criminals, terrorists and activists seek new ways to invade individuals’ privacy or to cause harm. For many nefarious users the drone is the perfect device. They can be far away from the crime scene, guide it using its on-board camera, capture images or carry small payloads. At Drone Defence we recognise this threat and are here to help. We offer the complete counter drone security solution. From drone detection to training and the very latest drone jamming and drone interdiction devices.

Sky Fence: SkyFence is an electronic countermeasures system which prevents drones from flying into or close to a protected location by disrupting its command and navigation radio transmissions; in any weather, day or night. It can be configured horizontally or vertically depending on the operational requirements. As a system it uses multiple low-powered radio transmitters which are strategically placed around the protected site. When activated, they transmit a signal which is designed to overwhelm the drone’s radio transmissions. This breaks the control and video link between the drone and its operator. SkyFence is fully programmable and can be activated via a suite of sensors or human input.

Dynopis 1000MP: The Dynopis E1000MP is a man portable jamming device that stops most drones in their tracks. Using its directional antenna it ensures that your systems are not affected by the jamming. Once the drone is captured by the E1000MP it either returns to its launch point or hovers in the air. This allows time for security teams to respond.


Hostile Environment Awareness Training - H.E.A.T Our HEAT packages have been developed from our experience of designing, developing and delivering the UK Defence wide acclaimed 'Gold Standard' pre-deployment training package for Iraq, Afghanistan and Global Hotspots. We have trained and deployed personnel to some of the most hostile environments in the world. We understand the importance of safety, security and resilience. as the guiding principals to our training deliverables. We understand the importance of safety, security and resilience. as the guiding principals to our training deliverables. 

Travel and  Business Security The opportunities to travel both for business and pleasure have never been more readily available. The excitement and intrigue of not only venturing into the unknown but to be travelling abroad can often be overshadowed when events take a turn for the worse. Our Travel & Business Courses will help to remove some of the stress associated with preparing to go in addition to providing valuable skills and experience should you find yourself in difficulties when away. Free Rock UK travel experts make our training fun and informative whilst ensuring that practical training is backed up by experience and real world examples. Bikinis, bathers and shades are down to you. Safety Advice, top tips and training to get you home safe with the right memories is what we can add to your travel planning.  

Leadership & Management Training

Leadership and the Leadership Ethic of organisations and individuals is a hotly debated topic for which there is no one answer. Leadership, Teamwork and Associated Skills need to be nurtured and developed in all areas of an organisation in order to harness the capabilities of all personnel. ​Investing in your most precious resource and training with us will pay dividends downstream in output and productivity whilst generating an environment that enables freedom of thought and action whilst maintaining a unity of effort.     

Leadership Courses

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  • Team Building 
  • Seminars
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