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Welcome to Excel Building Surveying


After 15 years in the construction investigation and material testing industry, we have recognised the need for a more professional site investigation and material sampling service which is why all our projects will always be managed by an on-site professional buiding surveyor. We have surveyed, sampled and tested everything from nuclear power stations to bridges, royal palaces to airports, carparks, parliamentary offices, hotels, railways, schools, universities and domestic premises. Talk to us today about how we can fulfil your testing needs.

Our professional approach means that every project is managed by a highly experienced building surveyor from initial contact through to report issue to ensure that you always receive personal attention and reliable satisfactory results on time and within budget. Our aim is to ensure your success.

We have the experience to help you succeed.  Our fully integrated project management process is designed to empower your team by supplying them the data they need to succeed.  Call us to find out how quickly we can exceed your expectations.



Looking to change use, increase loading, determine condition for maintenance or even demolition, your Structural Engineer will need to know what the building is made of in order to complete calculations. Accurate building material testing ensured by building surveyor are critical for project success.

Electromagnetic concrete scanning
Using state-of-the-art Proceq  GPR Live and Hilti Ferroscan equipment, quickly determine the configuration of embedded reinforcement in structural elements. We have provided NDT scanning services to consulting engineers and their clients for many years

Hydrostatic Diamond Coring
Using the latest hydrostatic diamond coring technology, quickly and cleanly determine the thickness and type of walls and slabs. Samples suitable for compressive strength testing, building material testing and/ or petrographic analysis.

Localised Breakouts
Focussed breakouts and building material testing following scanning ensures maximum data retrieval with minimal impact on the structural concrete. Breakouts typically reinstated with fibre reinforced mortar achieving >30N at 28 days.

Structural Element Confirmation
Accurate measurement and identification of iron/ steel and concrete sections is critical in determining residual load capacity. 


Determine the material type, strength, density, other material property or presence of deleterious materials by on site building material testing and subsequent laboratory analysis in accordance with British Standards and best practice, in a safe, controlled manner.

Concrete Dust Sampling
Drilled samples collected into sealable bags via a collection tube. Carbonation and cover depth measured before reinstatement. Samples typically analysed for mix detail, chloride Ion concentration, alkali, pH and sulphate content. 

Steel Sampling
small sample cut from metal section for chemical analysis to determine material type by XRF. Plate sample 150mm x 25mm cut from mid web (stress neutral zone) for tensile strength testing. In-situ testing using hardness test metres may prevent the need for sample cutting. Just a small part of the building material testing services offered by Excel

Timber Sampling
Timber analysis may require plug or strip samples from structural timbers to determine species. Reference to standard published tables is used to determine likely residual strength. we have completed building material testing and consulting services regarding the condition of timber roofs and structures for many satisfied clients

Fixing Load Test
Pull-out tests completed to determine the potential of fixings to withstand in-situ loading. We have been providing fixing test services for consulting structural engineers and their clients for many years

Non-destructive Testing (NDT)
Pull-out, pull off, internal fracture, surface hardness, ultrasonic pulse velocity, radar, initial surface absorption, resistivity, half-cell potential, strain and thermography are all offered as part of  a comprehensive suite of building material testing to determine the quality of structural materials (predominantly but not limited to concrete)

Lead Paint
Complete site sampling safely to ensure compliance with current legislation. Laboratory analysis is used to confirm the presence of lead and other heavy metals which are usually  missed by X-ray fluorescent isotope (XRF-i) test equipment.


Practical, pragmatic, experienced, knowledgeable, scientific inspection, testing and diagnosis of building defects and potential may reduce the need for building material testing

Damp Surveys
Landlord, tenant, estate agent or new acquisition. The status and cause of detrimental relative humidity moisture condition may be a critical factor in decision making. We have been consulting on damp issues and completing building material testing for many years for numerous satisfied blue chip clients.

Condition Surveys
Knowledge of typical defects within many building types is useful in focussing condition surveys to provide optimum data in minimal time to assist client decisions and to confirm the need for building material testing prior to potential purchase.

Borescope Surveys
Efficiently determine the presence of cavity trays, wall-tie and lintel condition, timber joists, etc. Further opening-up may be required following the initial inspection.

Post Fire Testing
Complete in-situ testing and material sampling to determine the extent of structural defects in accordance with CS TR68 including building material testing (concrete and steel) to enable consulting structural engineers to complete structural calculations regarding residual load capacity

Spatial and element dimensions, verticality, flatness, hardness, density, sound, fire proofing,  opacity, strength, flexibility, vibration, load capacity, movement, fitness for purpose. All typical of building material testing requirements completed by Excel


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