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About ALAP

ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) is an independent, international accreditation organisation born from decades of experience in the provision of quality assured English language education and training.  In addition to accrediting online language schools we are dedicated to the development and provision of internationally recognised Awards of Achievement for professionals that require recognition at various levels of achievement in the use of English language for vocational purposes.

It is our mission that the awarding of our qualifications denotes a guarantee to any student or employer worldwide that the holder of the award, and the centre that delivered the course of study leading to the award, have met a certain set of standards. As such, we work with online language schools and e-learning course providers that share our commitment to excellence, quality and success, thus ensuring that the meaning of the award is upheld.

Employers can feel secure in the knowledge that the holder of an ALAP Certificate or Diploma has reached a level of achievement that guarantees they will be able to communicate effectively in their job at the level required. Until now, the acquisition of sector specific languages has been largely unregulated and so actual standards of English for communication in international business can be lower than might be expected. Our aim is for our awards to become synonymous with highly trained and effective employees who use English for work purposes.

In order for ALAP to maintain this trust and brand recognition we maintain rigorous rules of accreditation that online language schools must adhere to and be externally moderated for on an ongoing basis.

As an international accrediting organisation, we maintain a business model that allows us to remain flexible to the needs of our international clients. For this reason we have chosen not to work towards external recognition by British organisations such as Ofqual, however we do monitor and work in alignment with Ofqual regulations and the Council of Europe as a benchmark for quality.


What We Do

ALAP accredits courses and issues Certificates and Diplomas in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and English for Vocational Purposes. Employers can feel secure in the knowledge that the holder of an ALAP Award has reached a specified level of achievement that guarantees they will be able to communicate effectively in English generally and also for a particular purpose, and to the level required. With the valued support of our esteemed Academic Panel, it is our aim for both Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Vocational English certifications to be recognised by employers worldwide as being synonymous with comprehensively trained and effective employees. ALAP accreditation is carried out against a rigorous set of Accreditation Standards.


Our Approach

It is vital for us to maintain the highest standards in quality assurance, because this is what ensures all students earning an ALAP Award are gaining an award that has real value.  It is also our aim to make the steps to accreditation simple, but thorough.

We accredit courses, as well as institutes, so academic quality is of particular importance to us.  By following a course of study with an ALAP Accredited Centre learners participate in ongoing assessment as part of their course.  Those that successfully pass the assessment earn a graded ALAP Certificate or Diploma as evidence of their proficiency in English for a specific purpose.  Students are assessed in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as is appropriate to the subject matter of the course.

Learners can build a portfolio of accredited Certificates and Diplomas, and can even combine several Certificates to earn a Diploma in a given subject area.


ALAP Accreditation Services

Defining Excellence in Vocational English Language Training


Why ALAP Accreditation?

Accreditation by an external awarding body is considered a key benchmark for measuring the quality of a training provider.  The process of maintaining accreditation also allows you to hone your operations and make sure your training institute is running at maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Accreditation

  • ALAP is a specialist awarding organisation with extensive knowledge and experience in the ELT industry.
  • At the core of ALAP is an Academic Panel who are all highly regarded professionals in the international ELT community.
  • External moderation by experts in the field of ELT.
  • ALAP accreditation demonstrates that your courses are mapped against a structured framework.
  • ALAP accredits both online and onsite language schools and courses based on a thorough inspection of course materials by ELT professionals, verifying they meet industry standards.*
  • As an ALAP accredited school you are entitled to advertise on your promotional materials and course materials that your school and courses have been externally verified as meeting rigorous quality standards.

* Not all accreditation schemes are the same.  Some will simply allow training providers to use their logo, without checking the standards of the courses on offer.  This includes awarding bodies regulated by Ofqual, who are not required to check course materials as part of their approval process.  ALAP verifies that the materials and training provided by an accredited language school meets predefined quality standards.

Find out How To Become ALAP Accredited

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