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About Us

Welcome to Clear Rising Consultancy, where you will find we always place people at the heart of everything we do. 

We are humanistic consultants and our strength lies in our ability to understand people. We apply psychology, empathic insight to advise businesses and help individuals reach their fullest potential.

Our consultancy delivers an opportunity for deeper interactivity within businesses and amongst staff and customers. Through our bespoke person-centred planning model and creative understanding, we provide insight, strategy and solutions to meet the needs of your business.

​Our process is to look at your service as whole; understand what you are offering and to formulate ideas that supports, inspires and creates new ways forward.




Empathic Insight: We apply psychology and empathic understanding into our research to offer in-depth analysis in why customers/clients/people behave, react and feel the way they do. ​As humanistic consultants, we can deliver: 

Research & Insight | Customer Analysis, Personas and Journey Mapping | Strategic planning, Strategic Narratives | Communications, Marketing Planning, Digital and so much more…

Business Evolution: We are living in times of change. We review and evaluate your current situation; identifying challenges, gaps and new opportunities to make sure you stay relevant to the needs of customers, as well as staying true to the needs of your business.

New Project Support: We can support new projects by offering a fresh perspective, whilst bringing in a humanistic element that offers simplicity and creativity that ensures all angles are covered for what a customer or audience needs.



Self-Development: Our background and expertise are in business and psychology. We provide coaching to address workplace performance issues; helping team members, managers and senior leaders gain clarity on their obstacles, find a resolution and discover newfound confidence to deliver greater productivity, motivation and goals. We also offer skills development workshops across a variety of topics to help teams work better together.

Workplace Motivation: We work with empathy and psychology to get to the heart of what the issues are within your workforce, understand the challenges, as well looking at the positives because we believe it is important to celebrate your successes.

Mental Health Wellbeing:  We provide psychological expertise to support businesses who are looking to encourage mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace.  We support awareness, education and more personalised support through:

  • Psychoeducation workshops  
  • Individual support for employers and employees
  • Production of educational resources 
  • Production of Mental Health policies
  • Supervision for Mental Health First Aiders

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To request further information on our work and experience, and to discuss your needs, please do email or give us a call on 01458 830 195.


Meet the Team

Richard: Richard is a qualified psychotherapist who has worked in high paced environments supporting vulnerable people with mental health issues for 20 years. He has managed residential treatment centres and has worked for the NHS as a psychological wellness advisor. Richard has a strong belief in bringing his expertise into businesses by putting people first; understanding them and seeing them as a whole person considering their wants, needs, depth of analysis through empathic understanding. His unique perspective adds a new, fresh and humanistic approach to business, removing complication and bringing in simplicity and always putting people and their needs first. Linking this into a business environment brings in greater creativity on all levels including thoughts, feelings and action.

Michelle: Michelle has worked in business and marketing for nearly 20 years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in media and strategy both on and off-line. Michelle is currently studying for her diploma in psychotherapy; believing in the importance of understanding people, working with active listening skills to gain depth in knowledge on how to help them. Michelle now incorporates psychology into business to provide deeper insights based on an empathic understanding of the needs of customers to deliver solutions that are fresh and innovative. From her experience, Michelle has learnt all angles on how businesses work, from both business successes to struggles, through to organisational structures and how people can be affected mentally. Michelle, like Richard, actively believes in a new way for business, one with compassion, creativity and equality for all.


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