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The Creative Marketing Agency amplified with an innovation lens

A new perspective on your marketing challenges

We can make your brand or business more relevant, successful and resilient because we’re experts in unlocking a wide range of innovation and marketing techniques.

If you’re looking for an innovative creative marketing agency to deliver content, brand, digital, or motion with an unassuming and friendly approach to working together, we’re ready to show you a warm welcome.

We bring our innovation consulting expertise together with our creative marketing agency roots to unlock your potential. We think in new and different ways. We will help you transform a new perspective into highly effective marketing communications which we can take to market in the most influential ways to amplify real value for your organisation.

Problem solving through the innovation marketing lens

By applying our tried and tested techniques to your organisation’s unique problem, we generate many possible innovative solutions. We test, refine and define the most effective solution and deliver the multiple marketing communications to ensure the solution maximises its true potential. Whether you need a different angle on engaging high-value customers or a new vision for your organisation’s future, our innovation marketing process amplifies the effectiveness of both innovative solutions and marketing influence.


An award-winning marketing agency

In recognition of our hard work, we’re proud to be a 2020 Queen’s Awards winner.



What we do



A creative marketing agency for over 30 years, we share our intelligence and our wide range of marketing techniques to help you create the most inspiring and rewarding relationships with your customers. We combine the very best of digital and offline marketing expertise to generate the best return on investment for your new product, service, business model or way of working.


  • A product, service or way of working is nothing if it doesn’t evoke desire in the end user. Our team are experts at inspiring, connecting and driving users to act through bold and exciting creative concepts.

Marketing Strategy

  • We understand what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. We draw on these strategic expertise to enable our clients to communicate directly with their target audience in the most effective way to trigger cultural and behaviour change.


  • We have been creating brands for some of the biggest organisations around the world for over 30 years. We have developed our own end-to-end processes to ensure we get it right for you, your people and your customers.


  • We create visually appealing digital journeys that customers enjoy interacting with. We help brands identify what makes their business unique, enhancing their online presence and discovering new opportunities to expand their reach.


  • We produce video content that engages and inspires action from your customers. Our in-house production team have the vision needed to raise your brand’s standing among your target audience and increase conversion rates.


  • Whether it’s customers or search engines you want to win over, content is king. We provide detailed, insight driven content management plans that ensure brands stay true to their values, remaining relevant, engaging and exciting.



Often it’s assumptions and the status quo that block progress. Our innovation services empower you and your team to generate lucrative new ideas which challenge current business procedures, processes, products, services, and structures to open up new opportunities which we can commercialise.


  • A company’s challenges never stop coming. To turn every challenge into opportunity, innovation must be ‘always on’… READ MORE


  • We use workshops to engage, co-operate and collaborate whilst embedding the skills needed to sustain innovation… READ MORE


  • The people in organisations are busy and focused on the immediate job. It’s rare that they get time or are encouraged… READ MORE


Innovation Marketing

When we take your company on our innovation marketing journey, you benefit from something truly unique.

We carefully define your challenge, engage the specialist minds in your team and create insight-driven marketing. It’s an incredibly effective approach which purposefully zeros in on the sweet spot between what markets need and what customers want to increase revenue opportunities of your new solution.

Our unique test-and-learn approach to success

We believe innovation and creativity can be unlocked with science. Our unique five-stage approach to all briefs has helped us master the art of ensuring our clients achieve profitable growth. DISCOVER MORE



Unlocking innovation made easy

Step-by-step ‘How to Innovate’ Workshop

Boosting your team’s creative thinking isn’t hard with ThinkOTB’s practical innovation workshop 

In one fascinating day, participants will change how they think forever. They’ll take away the:

  • Powerful tools to innovate – not once, but time and time again
  • Drive and excitement to solve challenges in the organisation 
  • Motivation to increase their creativity… and the organisation’s profitability










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