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We have availability to ship ethically priced, Rapid Antigen Covid Test Kits Immediately!

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Rapid Antigen Covid testing is a quick and simple way to identify any live presence of the virus, with results observed within 15-minutes from the sample being taken. With the sheer volume of people involved within aviation, it is the most effective means of swift, ongoing transactional screening.

To support this, AeroProfessional are working with Excalibur Health Services, an established and renowned UK medical supplies and consumables provider. Our mission is to make professional use Rapid Antigen Covid tests accessible and available to all industries at a cost that is both ethical and sustainable. We are also able to facilitate the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) to support the ongoing administering of Rapid Antigen Covid testing as well as for any other business needs.

Key benefits of ongoing testing:

  • Protect your employees and deliver on your duty of care as an employer
  • Provide a significant additional layer of risk mitigation to your existing business Covid policy
  • Reinstate employee confidence in working with co-workers
  • Reduce cases of transmission within your business
  • Remove the fear and stigma of working in an operational, office of customer facing environment
  • Simple, quick and effective testing regime
  • Low cost for employee peace of mind which results in better productivity



Rapid Antigen Covid tests are simple to administer and can be conducted locally on site at your business premises or facility with little complication or intrusion. In addition, conducting tests in an airport environment has already been proven equally possible with many airports sectioning off areas for testing passengers on arrival.
Areas that have previously proved prohibitive for businesses considering a testing regime and how The Excalibur Rapid CoV-2 Antigen test is tackling them:
  • Cost:  Kits are ethically priced at £7.00+VAT to make the cost low and sustainable
  • Complicated to administer: The testing process is simple to conduct and repeat, with clear results that are easy to understand
  • Accuracy is questionable: It provides near to 100% sensitivity for highly infectious people and 99% for moderately infectious people
  • Turnaround time:  Results are observed within 15-minutes
The tests are available for professional use under the current UK MHRA registration and the facilities required are relatively minimal. 

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