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About Us

All schools and colleges need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions; but it’s a difficult task. It’s new and unexpected. It’s a serious undertaking, requiring time and money, but it’s also multi-faceted and potentially confusing.

We are the architects and enablers of decarbonisation plans and conversion programmes for schools and colleges.  We actively encourage them to become net-zero and we support them in getting there.  We guide them through a step-by-step risk-reduction process that avoids them wasting time and money on dead-ends or expensive mistakes.

The starting point is to have a proper decarbonisation plan: that will identify all the right technology opportunities and position each school or college to secure the required grants.

We’re experts in drafting decarbonisation plans. We’ve also directly supported successful grant applications for decarbonisation plans and capital projects for over 200 schools and colleges in the past year.

Our Approach

We advise all schools to follow a step-by-step approach to any low-carbon energy investments. The emphasis is on risk-reduction and avoiding wasting money on dead-ends or expensive mistakes. The net effect of this process is that there is no requirement for a major capital commitment until there is confidence that the installation(s) and business case will work as intended. 

The ReEnergise Risk-Reduction Steps

  1. Initial Assessment:
  • Identify broad potential for worthwhile projects.
  • Provide general advice on net-zero strategy.
  • Provide technical support for initial grant applications to draw up decarbonisation plans.
  • Free of charge.
  1. Decarbonisation Plan:
  • Draft decarbonisation plan, including technical scope and financial analysis for a range of low-carbon project options.
  • Support grant drawdown (continues for all subsequent steps).
  • Support financing and grant applications as required, for projects arising from the decarbonisation plan.
  • Decision point for Step 3.
  1. Technical Confirmation & Project Definition. For each project arising from Step 2:
  • Resolve specific technical issues identified during Step 2; confirm design concepts; draft project programme; provide technical support for planning applications; advise on procurement strategy for the required project delivery contractors.
  • Decision point for Step 4.
  1. Project Tendering (final decision point prior to committing to the main delivery contract):
  • Draft specifications and contracts in sufficient detail for tender exercise.
  • Organise tender exercise. Draft tender report, with recommendations.
  • Conduct value engineering, if required to remain within approved financial headroom.
  • Negotiate contracts for selected installer(s) through to point of sign-off.
  1. Project Delivery: (the major capital commitment):
  • All contracts signed between client and installer(s).
  • Manage programme; witness commissioning.
  • Set up required O&M framework.
  • Continue to support client in grant drawdown and reconciling project finances.

Post Installation Support:

  • Although warranties will usually be between the client and main contractors, we remain engaged with the client after the project has been completed, to ensure that the estate staff understand how to work the equipment effectively; and that contractors are indeed meeting their liabilities.


Our Markets

Examples of ReEnergise Project Work for Schools & Colleges

A selection from our current and recent work:

Department for Education

  • Technical support for successful grant application for provision of decarbonisation plans for 200 schools around England.
  • Completion of decarbonisation plan for Tendring College.

Diocese of St Albans (Herts)

  • Technical support for grant applications for provision of decarbonisation plans for the Diocese schools.
  • Decarbonisation plans for 4 Diocese schools pending.

Diocese of Guildford (Surrey)

  • Technical support for grant applications for provision of decarbonisation plans for the Diocese schools.
  • Decarbonisation plans for the majority of the Diocese schools completed (41 schools).

Royal Alexandra & Albert School (Surrey)

  • Decarbonisation strategy and plan (20 plant rooms).
  • Project definition studies and project manager for the ensuing GSHP installation programme. This is the largest recent school related GSHP project in the Southeast region of England (2MW+).

Kingston Maurward Agricultural College (Dorset)

  • Heat decarbonisation strategy and plan.
  • Technical support for Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) grant applications for heat decarbonisation and related energy efficiency projects.
  • Management Contractor for a major GSHP district heating scheme to convert much of the college estate to low-carbon heating. Installation phase nearing completion, following successful design and tendering phases.

Dulwich College (London)

  • Decarbonisation strategy and plan for this large Grade 1 listed college estate with multiple plant rooms.
  • Project definition studies and full designs for conversion of estate into 4 GSHP district heat networks (3MW+ in total).
  • Applications for planning permission for the GSHP projects.

St George’s College, Weybridge (Surrey)

  • Decarbonisation strategy and plan for senior and junior campuses.
  • Project definition studies for resultant GSHP projects.
  • Applications for planning permission and renewable heat incentive (RHI) subsidy for senior campus GSHP project.
  • Management Contractor for tendering and installation phases for senior campus project, which is nearing completion.

Worth School & Abbey (West Sussex)

  • Heat decarbonisation strategy and plan.
  • Project definition, tendering, and contract negotiations for installation of a large biomass district heating system that will get the estate off fossil fuel heating (mainly oil).
  • Project Manager and Engineer for installation phase of the biomass project.

Yeovil College (Somerset)

  • Development of college net-zero strategy and decarbonisation plan.

Berkshire College of Agriculture (Berks)

  • Development of college net-zero strategy and decarbonisation plan

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