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Welcome to Hawley Energy

Firstly, we are Independent Energy Management Specialists. We have no allegiances to any brand or methodology.

Our deliverable is this: we advise, consider your needs and implement the most relevant and sustainable solution aligned to our client needs - not ours. We believe this helps us standalone in an often-confusing Business landscape.

To begin: Energy Management is data driven. This data confirms, influences and defines business need and improvement opportunities.

Let us examine: Usage data is varied, complex and often misunderstood. Key point is to understand what data is relevant. We establish this by conducting an energy audit.

Energy Audits

Our advised first step as they are factual, reviewable - defined by your business actuals. We have a
specialist team covering all elements including Electricity, Gas and alternative energy creation. 

• An energy audit will identify energy-saving opportunities.
• It will help you understand your energy usage and ways to use energy better.
• An energy audit can identify safety concerns with electrical systems, wiring, and ventilation,
thus making your business safer.
• Help identify leaks and wastage.
• It will assist in sustainable energy investment.
• An energy audit will help you identify how to reduce hazards such as Carbon Monoxide.

Outcomes of Energy Audits

A reviewable set of options that are designed to optimise, reduce usage and structure energy needs. To expand on equipment and techniques:

Data Loggers 
These show in detail where, when and what areas are consuming energy. Once understood many options become available to us that are aimed at reducing your usage and fiscal cost as well as supporting your sustainable journey. On a global scale energy reduction and a move to a more sustainable energy forms is well defined. 

Our Mission is to reduce your costs whilst not costing the earth.
How we use the data to reduce overall energy usage

We will in consultation with you, define your needs within a bespoke improvement plan that is costed and supported by our experience and usage metrics. This defines understanding and confidence in investment as the best fit solution for your business

Voltage Optimisation (VO)

Electrical equipment requires an optimised level of power input to operate efficiently. Where input is in excess, of true need, then energy is wasted this waste is measurable and offers you an opportunity to reduce costs and overall usage.

The converse is also true if the energy input is insufficient then the equipment can be damaged or operate inefficiently, weakening the overall structure.

The VO equipment installation is designed, installed by us by our own Engineers its effectiveness is measured within your overall energy reduction plan.

We are strong advocates of VO as a key element in your sustainable energy improvement plan.

Building Management Systems (BMS)
Often these systems are installed without full appreciation of the usage needs and specific benefits. These systems can be off shelf or bespoke. We advise you on the best approach, provide a design strategy and install the system. Systems can control the activity, the availability and access to items such as lighting, heating, air-conditioning, hot water generation along with solar energy, electric vehicle charging and much more.

We are advocates of a BMS approach but very much design the system based on agreed parameters. We also integrate and maintain the systems as part of our energy management support as required.

As an Energy reduction initiative Businesses rely on facts to make decisions these facts are becoming more complex in aligning to Government and quasi -Government agencies. These Initiatives often have fiscal support in terms of grants or reduced charging (cost) at point of use. The combination of a structured energy audit, data analysis and ongoing use of VO and BMS delivers the structure and real reductions that can also be an integral part of fulfilling overall sustainable energy policies. We are sustainability advocates but appreciate this must have a business benefit- we make sure it does.

As your Improvement plan or business need reveals on an ongoing basis we support our clients in a number of other energy related areas such as:

LED lighting
We design and install either replacement or new install.

Design and installation of solar panels and storage 
We design and install as an integrated system or standalone. We are specialists in power generation, storage and investment structures and benefits.

Electrical Supply Grid Connections
In any form of electrical generation, liaison and notification with electricity operators is vital. An operator is not the same company who charge you for your electricity, operators and suppliers are 2 different organisations.

Hawley Energy are experts in supporting all types of grid connection agreements and can manage infrastructure upgrades or reductions on your behalf.

Electric Vehicle strategy
System design and installation. This is a complex area as specialist knowledge is required to be applied to the project delivery as space, skills and Business continuity need to be fully considered. We suggest that our expertise is invaluable in defining need and use profiles.

One size definitely does not, fit all

Specialist heating systems such as ground source, air source & water source heat pumps 

We have considerable expertise in the design, installation and regrettably correction of poorly specified systems. To be clear this technology is highly efficient but is not always the best approach. We are advocates but first and foremost we are pragmatic in definition of best solution.

Biofuel systems including combining with solar energy 
These systems can be delivered as pure biofuel either liquified or in pellet form. The design and installation of these systems can and often do have specific needs such as access for refuelling as well as maintenance. It would be fair to say there are often system constraints that suggest reliance on one approach would be less than optimum. We are experienced in combining a range of ‘sustainable’ solutions. Solar generation and storage are often a combination that has significant benefits in reducing risk of failure or geographic related failure.

CHP -Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP)
This is a highly specialised area, we have design, install and measurement specialisms in this area. The use of CHP is best utilised where there is a variety of energy solutions in place. The key deliverable is to utilise waste heat, power from one area into a positive use in another. It is not exclusive to large energy users but the Energy audit we undertake will assist in the identification of CHP options.

Just to mention
We advise on Hydro, wind turbines and specialised energy creation and usage. We could get into much discussion but suggest this is an area that must be based on a range of considerations such as local byelaws, investment strategy and geographic suitability – whatever the question, whatever the issue, Hawley Energy Can Always Assist.

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