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About Us

London Based Commercial and Educational Architects

Bluelime Architecture has been raising the bar for building design for over 12 years.  With a focus on commercial and educational establishments, we can create the perfect environment for children to learn or employees to work.

Our designers are some of the best in the industry, and can turn your vision into reality.  What’s more, we’ll carry your project through from beginning to end, since we have a team of experienced architects, engineers, project managers and builders at our disposal.  From the moment you engage our designers to the moment construction is complete, you’ll have a full and continuous service from us – no one else to deal with.

Our team of Architects are all based right here in our state of the art design Studio.  That allows us to produce designs and 3d visuals (normally the preserve of high end commercial schemes) on your home meaning you can see exactly how it’s going to look in real life.

We use the latest market leading software, AutoCAD Revit, to create a full mock-up of your commercial or educational building.  Our measuring equipment takes measurements in 3D and imports them directly into the software, so you’ll see accurate designs – and can even take a fly through of each room.

Our video conferencing facilities mean we can share designs with you remotely, wherever you are, so there’s no need to travel to our studio if it’s not convenient.


Design & Build

At Bluelime Architecture, we take a unique approach whereby the same team is with you from the design stages until the build is complete.  Our projects are fully integrated, so not only will you have just one business to deal with, you’ll also receive consistent support and expertise throughout the process.

We pride ourselves on communication and each member of the team is kept fully up to speed during every phase of a project.  That means you can rely on complete transparency, making for a smooth and seamless build.  Our methods foster collaboration, with every stakeholder working towards the same end goal rather than simply focusing on their own phase.  As such, you’re guaranteed a stress-free experience with minimal risk.

A project manager is assigned to you, and will be your main point of contact throughout the process.  This means that instead of having to liaise with multiple contractors you can speak directly to you project manager, who will communicate with third parties on your behalf.  We find that this not only translates to a shorter construction schedule, but also helps to reduce costs.

Our Design and Build team steps in for much of the risk management, contractual and administrative tasks too, freeing up your time and resources for other aspects of the project.


Latest 3D Design Software

We use the latest design software on the market, allowing us to show you a full and detailed visual of how our creations will look.  From rendered images through medium quality fly throughs to full animated CGI videos, you can see exactly how the building will look once complete, in whatever level of detail you choose.

This experience enables us to finalise every aspect of the design in the early stages, rather than having to make adjustments during build.  See a walkthrough your offices and reception area, or view classrooms and recreational spaces as they’ll be in real life, exploring your project and ensuring it’s perfect before a single brick is laid.

Enter a world of endless possibilities

Introducing Virtual Reality by Bluelime Architecture.  Experience your home designs like never before.  Using the highest quality, latest technology available, we can bring your designs to life.

Walk through your new kitchen, experience the flow of your new home layout like you’re actually there and before any building work has begun.

Give us a call on 01322 521026 to find out how a Virtual Reality experience can help you visualise your dream home. If you go ahead we will then either invite you into our office (COVID Pending) for a full immersive experience or set you up at home where you can enjoy it in your own time.

3D Site Scanning

Utilising the latest surveying technology we now scan your entire property. Not only that, all surroundings are also scanned picking up heights of neighbouring properties and sizes of any prominent features which are essential for planning application purposes. Every tiny detail is picked up at the survey stage meaning our surveys are very accurate with no measurement errors that are commonplace with traditional surveys using laser distos and tape measures. With traditional surveying techniques the required level of detail and accuracy is simply not possible and is now considered an antiquated, slow method of measurement typically comprising of many errors. Our equipment and software is so accurate (measuring every 3mm of every surface) we can even determine details of nearby trees and shrubs that can have an effect on the structural design. 


Educational Builds By Bluelime Architecture

Commercial Developments By Bluelime Architecture

Whether you’re looking to redevelop a primary school, extend a secondary school or embark on a purpose-built nursery project, we at Bluelime Architecture can help.


Your commercial property has many functions to fulfil. Not only does it need to provide a bright, pleasant environment for your employees to work, it also needs to make a great impression on clients, house any equipment you may need, and provide recreational areas for staff such as kitchens.


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Why Choose Bluelime Architecture

  • Local commercial and educational building designers
  • Remote or face-to-face design walkthroughs
  • Several designs provided, enabling you to choose the one that best suits your needs
  • Fully integrated and streamlined design and build process
  • Consistent support throughout the project
  • Trusted, approved builders with at least three quotes
  • One point of contact throughout the project​



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