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Bookfield House Farm, Liverpool Road, Bickerstaffe, West Lancashire, L39 0EE

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About Us

We are originally poultry/arable farmers on the Lancashire/Merseyside border.

As many poultry farmers around the country, we have taken advantage of the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ scheme to reduce our large heating costs and also to try and be more carbon efficient.

After a little investigation we realized we could make our own wood chip with existing machinery and store the chip in existing storage buildings. This gave us control of our own fuel and quality control. This has worked well for us and by doing this we had to register on ‘BSL’ scheme.

Due to registering on the ‘BSL’ scheme we have been contacted by several other biomass boiler owners in close vicinity and have since started to supply chip to them also with great success.

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For quality Wood Chips at competitive prices, we can provide a first-class wood chip service that won’t let you down. Using only ‘premium’ wood chip from virgin round timber logs, all our wood chip is dried on a purpose built drying floor, ensuring it is ideally suited for efficient biomass boilers.

Are you looking for Wood Chips For Sale? We offer only the very best wood chips for sale throughout the North West. Catering for the public sector, our quality product goes through a rigorous drying process to produce exceptional wood chip for wood fueled heating systems.

Is your Biomass Boiler truly efficient? Are you using quality fuel to keep your carbon emissions low? We use non recycled FSC assured wood to produce dried wood chip that is ideal suited for businesses that have a biomass boiler system installed.


Biomass Wood Chip Ltd produces premium woodchip for biomass boilers in South Lancashire ready for delivery throughout the North West.

The chip is produced on site all from virgin round timber/logs which are all FSC assured. To assure quality chip, all chip is dried on a purpose built drying floor resulting in chip with a moisture content between 18- 30% moisture, ideal for efficient running biomass boilers.

Biomass Wood Chip Ltd supplies….

  • All the public sector facilities like schools, hospitals, health centres and all types of offices
  • Sports and leisure centres of all types from public swimming pools to private golf clubs and health centres
  • Agriculture and horticultures in all its many varied applications from garden centres to poultry farms