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Welcome to Trace Heating Projects Ltd

Trace Heating Projects is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company. We supply and install Raychem trace heating, heat tape or surface heating for frost protection or to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels.Trace Heating Projects Ltd, design, supply and install trace heating cable and heat trace systems, including control and monitoring systems. Our electric trace heating products range from stock items such as constant wattage and self-regulating heating tapes, temperature control units and trace heating ancillaries, to fully customised heating jackets, mats and pads and bespoke trace heating requirements.


Our comprehensive range of heat trace products and accessories, which also includes the supply and installation of electrical equipment and commercial/domestic underfloor heating systems, are supported by the Trace Heating Projects Ltd design office and Installation teams.

All trace heating tape and surface heating products are manufactured to current British and European Standards (BSEN) and our Quality Management System is approved to ISO 9001. Approvals are also held for the manufacture and installation of hazardous area trace heating products.

Trace Heating Projects have the added benefit of qualified electricians which enable us to carry out full test and commissioning of trace heating systems and electrical work. Read more about us



Trace Heating can be used to alleviate many of the problems caused by cold weather, it can also be used to maintain constant temperatures across large distances (such as a pipeline) or smaller distances (such as silos or drums). Trace Heating Projects can tailor a solution to your needs, to discuss your needs please contact us.

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Trace Heating Projects supply and install Self-regulating, Constant power and Series (Longline) heater cables.

Self regulating trace heating

Self-regulating trace heating uses a cable whose resistance varies with temperature, for example below the cable set point the cable has a low resistance and a high resistance for temperatures above the cable set point. When the cable temperature reaches the set point the resistance is reduced and then no more heat is supplied. This means heat is only supplied where needed along the length of the cable.

We supply Raychem self regulating trace heating, contact us for more.


Products – Raychem

Raychem self regulating cable automatically adjust its power output to compensate for temperature changes.

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