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Induced Energy Limited

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Founded by the late Colin Sanders in 1991, and inherited by Dr Rosie Sanders in 1998, we at Induced Energy have stuck to the original brief, to build the best induction hobs in the world.

Based in Brackley, Northamptonshire, our products are manufactured to our design by our own engineers, who also provide our excellent after-sales service.

Being induction specialists, we concentrate our resources on this exciting cooking medium. Indeed, Induced Energy has transformed the way in which Chefs can cook through our state of the art technology with that MAGIC ‘wow’ factor.

On our website you will find the latest developments from prime cooking to hot holding using our UK manufactured induction systems, made in Britain but shipped all over the world.

Induced Energy is still a young company and one that is driving forward – so as they say watch this space!


Why Use Induction?






Induction is by far the most energy-efficient cooking method. It is 50% more energy efficient than halogen and 86% more energy efficient than gas. Extraction costs will also be significantly reduced and of course there is no requirement to install expensive gas cut-off equipment. Because Induction heats the pan and its contents and not the hob surface, a significantly cooler and more pleasant working environment is created. Cooler environment – happier and more productive chefs Induction is much safer as there are no naked flames or directly heated surfaces. It is therefore virtually impossible to ignite a spillage. If no pan is present, energy cuts off automatically into standby mode and in addition the Pan Sensor avoids heating of utensils left on the hob surface. Induction hobs can be used in many situations where safety restrictions are in force, such as airports and laboratories. Induction hobs are much more responsive than gas, particularly as the hob surface is not directly heated. Power settings from 1 through 99 give precise control. For sauces, simmering, boiling, griddling, frying or wok cooking, induction offers the most precise control.

Induction produces no poisonous exhaust gases or wasted background heat. Carbon deposits on pans and on the hob surface are eliminated, avoiding unhealthy carcinogenic carbon particles in the air around the cooking area.




It is a fact – use induction just once and you’ll never want to use anything else. It will do everything you can do on gas, but also much, much more. Below are just some of the reasons why induction is increasingly recognised as the only professional solution.

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We really do believe we offer the most outstanding professional induction hob available today. Here’s why…



Depth of Field

Designed with the user in mind

What else do we sell?


All Induced Energy hobs feature cooking zones providing the full 3kW of power that professionals tell us they require.

All of our hobs are available in 50 hertz and 50 or 60 hertz

We know that you rely on your induction equipment to give you continuous reliable service, so our design brief included some unique features to eliminate potential problems. All Induced Energy products carry a full two-year parts and labour warranty. We have many clients who are happily using their Induced Energy hobs 10 years and more after purchase. Energy induction hobs offer up to 30mm depth of field across the whole range. We think that’s unique. The UK leads the world in the quality of professional catering design. It really is essential that your induction hob complements this high standard. After extensive consultation with professional chefs, Induced Energy hobs were designed in conjunction with DCA Design International, to meet this requirement in full. Nothing. We specialise in the design, manufacture and support of induction catering equipment for the professional catering sector. We live and breathe induction. We don’t do anything else. The Induced Energy CS3000 and CS3001 ranges are designed, manufactured and supported entirely in the UK.

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