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Coreware Ltd
The Tannery
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Tel:    +44(0)1483 894 158
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Welcome to COREWARE - Your parnter for web solutions

Who we are

The UK’s leading one stop shop for commercial web design, e-mail, colocation and cloud hosting, IP leasing, and intranet development.

We also specialise in realtime content integration, web monetising, mobile / tablet websites and applications, and we are spearheading device agnostic solutions.

What we do 

Build corporate and business web solutions, that are responsive and device agnostic (Desktop, tablet, phablet, mobile).
Provide fully managed hosting and maintenance service, on our own racks or cloud service if required.
We are UK industry’s strategic partner for business web development, solutions and managed services.

Our solutions

Turn business requirements into reality.

We design and deliver Web and Mobile solutions and Cloud based Managed Services, tailored to the needs of our clients. A combination of bespoke and open source platforms, contemporary web development techniques and unique, pioneering concepts ensure our solutions offer true business value.

Provide services that help companies reduce management effort and remove the stress of managing and maintaining web presence.

Media, Publishing, Sports and Financial sectors. Time spent and knowledge gained has made us the market leaders within these sectors. Our clients have come to rely on our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive technical know-how to deliver solutions for technically challenging requirements. This could include:

  • Delivering Bespoke systems
  • Implementing Open Source technology (such as WordPress or PhoneGap) on a large scale
  • Complex integration and migration
  • Working with complex API’s
  • Real time data feeds
  • integrating with third party systems
  • Gateways and paywalls
  • Incorporating GPS

Complimentary to our services, Coreware provide our own advanced infrastructure – Helpdesk and data centres – to ensure we deliver secure, robust, reliable systems and fully managed services.

Take a closer look at what we do

IT Consulting

The first stage in any project, our IT Consulting service will analyse your business processes and offer solutions to improve your existing system, or prototype exciting new concepts.

Web Development

Our extensive experience and expertise in bespoke Web Development and Open-Source solutions has made Coreware the go-to company for technically demanding projects.

Mobile App Development

We have extensive experience and expertise in designing and developing mobile apps for high profile clients and events making us the go-to company for technically demanding projects.

WordPress Development

Coreware have become experts in WordPress Development, creating highly scalable, secure and robust solutions, delivering to both small and large companies, serving millions of their users per month.

Managed Web Services

Our comprehensive Managed IT Services package provides a reliable, scalable and resilient infrastructure with 24/7 managed Hosting, Helpdesk and Application Support.

Saas Solutions

We build scalable, robust and secure SaaS Solutions. We also offer IaaS and PaaS.

How we help

Since 2002 Coreware have collaborated with businesses to design, build and deploy digital web solutions. We build strong relationships with clients, often becoming ‘the’ preferred technology partner.

Streamline performance through fresh thinking

Our engagement process ensures we propose solutions that streamline your digital presence across the web, tablet and other small devices. Coreware ensure our clients select and invest in technology that best suits their specific business, functional and operational requirements. We ensure clients stay up to date with the web and digital technologies that best meet their strategic and operational needs. We offer fresh ideas, radical new concepts and prototype software that deliver against today and tomorrows requirements.  

Case studies by sector

Media & Publishing

Working alongside some of the World’s largest companies, we have acquired real insight into the Media & Publishing workflow. This has enabled us to offer web based solutions that overcome real business, technical, editorial and operational issues.


sing ground breaking technology, we have helped some of the largest brands, data suppliers and sponsors deliver real-time sports data, info graphics and third-party dynamic content into Web and mobile solutions for some of the biggest names in the Sports Media industry.


We offer secure, robust, reliable and scalable financial solutions for web and mobile devices which utilise real-time global financial data for a range of applications from widgets to fund management portals.


We partner with Marketing Agencies and IT Vendors to provide inspiration, fresh new ideas and an experienced development team for when a project requires advanced technical expertise or extra assistance to be completed on time.


As a conscientious company, Coreware like to help out with charity where and when we can. We do all we can to keep costs to the bare minimum and in some cases we have done work for free in our own time.

Other Sectors

Whilst we specialise in some sectors, we have a broad portfolio of bespoke work from many other sectors


Coreware has created a range of products for the Publishing, Media, News and Sports industries. Our products are scalable and can be branded and customised to our client’s requirements.

We can host, set-up, manage and maintain all of our work, greatly reducing your responsibility and stress.

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Mediacore is an all-in-one, WordPress based, web publishing solution that is radically changing how publishing companies work

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Get Results from Sports Data. Sportcore is a suite of sports data products designed by Coreware to be seamlessly integrated into your website or app delivering high quality sports content.

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The software app that no photo journalist should be without. Sort, edit and deliver images instantly to chosen newsdesks, while keeping an organised archive available to search online.

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An app that delivers news, media and advertising relevant to your location via GPS.

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The Forge

Welcome to The Forge. The Forge is where the Coreware team get to toy with ideas, experiment with code, mix old and new, develop ideas and eat sweets.

The yearn to learn, to pioneer and innovate is embedded deep into the Coreware philosophy. Ideas forged here quite often get used later on to push forward commercial projects.

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