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Wavehill – Offices in London, Bristol, Wales.

Tel: 01545 571 711

Wavehill was established in London in 1992 by Mark Willis and Richard Brooks who identified a need for truly independent social and economic research, monitoring and evaluation services and survey and opinion research.

Since then we have been providing research services to clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors across the UK and sometimes beyond, growing into one of the leading social and economic research and evaluation companies in the UK.

We want our work to make a difference. Our purpose is to help to improve the programmes, schemes, projects and organisations that we work with.


Our services have been developed and refined during 20 years of working with clients in the public, private and voluntary sector across the UK and Europe.

  1. Business to Business survey and research
  2. Telephone survey and research
  3. Speaking with Hard to Reach and Engage people and communities
  4. Research with school age children
  5. Qualitative survey methods
  6. Mixed method social research
  7. Economic modelling
  8. Cost – benefit analysis
  9. Economic and Social Impact assessment
  10. Environmental economic assessment
  11. Social Value and Impact research
  12. Project Evaluation
  13. Programme and Policy Evaluation
  14. Supply chain analysis and valuation
  15. Statistical Analysis using statistical modelling methods


Our team offer expertise in a range of fields across economic and social research. This expertise has been gained during years of experience not only in research and consultancy, but also in project management and delivery roles with bodies such as regional development agencies, local authorities and in Higher Education.

  1. Economic Development
  2. Statistical Analysis
  3. Poverty
  4. Business and Enterprise
  5. Social Enterprise
  6. Community Regeneration
  7. Worklessness
  8. Skills and Learning
  9. Regeneration
  10. Rural Development
  11. European Funding
  12. Public sector funding


These are the principles that guide our conduct as a business as well our relationship with our clients, partners and other stakeholders.

  1. Keeping things simple: we believe that things work best and are better understood if they are explained plainly, in a clear and concise manner. 
  2. Straight talking: we believe in being open, honest and direct in the way we work and communicate with those both within and outside the company.                                               
  3. Clear and ongoing communication: we believe that it is important that our clients are clear about our work, the progress that is being made and so on. Maintaining clear and ongoing communication is therefore central to what we do and the way that we work.  
  4. Value for money: we believe in offering our clients ‘value for money’ in everything that we do.  This does not mean that we provide our services and products at the lowest price possible. Our objective is to provide services and products that are worth the price being paid for them.
  5. Learn, improve and innovate: learning, improving and being innovative is central to the way we work. We’re constantly reviewing our methods and looking for better and new ways of doing what we do. This means that we can develop as a business, improve the services and products that we provide and be responsive to our clients’ needs.   
  6. Be efficient and careful in the way we work and use resource: we try not to spend money on things that don’t improve our business and the services that we provide. We also believe in looking after the environment. This breeds resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and innovation within our organisation.
  7. Our people are our assets: we recognise that people are central to our company and believe in developing, listening and motivating our people. Be polite, be friendly work hard.
  8. A supportive environment: there is a willingness amongst our team to muck in and help each other out at the time of need.


We have a strong and well established professional team of researchers and consultants. Our team combines strong technical skills with professional experience in research, evaluation and the management and delivery of publicly funded projects and programmes.


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