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Qi3 is a specialist service, providing strategy, marketing and business development support to technology companies, enterprises and government since 1999.

Qi3 helps a wide range of clients, from large corporations to small start-up companies; from Research Councils to Universities; and from the European Agencies to small government programmes by engaging with markets and identifying the commercial value in their technologies, whether they are innovative and new or mature.


We have a wealth of experience working with the Public Sector and have developed an impressive track record of real achievement and satisfied clients. International agencies, national agencies and government departments, devolved administrations, regional development agencies, Innovate UK, and public sector research establishments are all part of our portfolio of clients. For the Public Sector, we work in three ways:

Inputs to Government Policy

This work is undertaken primarily in the Space sector where we have been active for over a decade. Our experience encompasses both upstream space technologies and downstream applications of space and how to find business opportunities in commercial and governmental space organisations.

Qi3 has undertaken major reviews of the industrial and academic impact of UK participation in a number of international space programmes, including:

  • Aurora – the European Space Agency (ESA) programme for robotic and human exploration of solar system bodies holding promise for traces of life.
  • Integrated Applications Promotion – an ESA programme for developing terrestrial applications using multiple space assets
  • International Space Station – UK participation in elements of the programme.

Inputs to Regional Policy

We have completed a number of projects investigating regional start-up company ecosystems, reviewing the programmes to support them, and identifying the investment funding requirements. Our clients included the Regional Development Agencies and devolved governments.

Knowledge Exchange

Over the years our team has made a big contribution to the effective transfer of knowledge around instrumentation technologies in the Public Sector. Our clients include:

  • UK Space Agency – Centre of Earth Observation Instrumentation & Space Technology
  • Closed Nuclear Cities Programme
  • European Space Agency
  • CERN
  • Sensors and Instrumentation KTN
  • Electronics and Sensors KTN
  • NERC (Natural Environment Research Council)
  • STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council)

We understand the challenges, budget constraints and evolving initiatives of this area and have developed an unusual and perhaps unique methodology for supporting Knowledge Transfer and Technology Commercialisation.

  • We treat Knowledge Transfer as a ‘brokering’ process and have achieved consistently high performance for our clients using our sales-based methodologyAs a team, we are used to creating and developing products and companies, we are engaged in delivering results, not just advising
  • We sit at the intersection of technologies and markets and offer a true combination of business support and technology marketing. This approach allows us to work in the best interests of business whilst ensuring effective Knowledge Transfer for our public sector clients
  • Our unusual combination of contacts at the cutting edge of research, knowledge of public sector funds available for technology transfer, and our practical business experience means that we can provide public sector organisations with a unique service.

We have organised and run hundreds of workshops, events, competitions along the way and continue to do so. For Advanced Instrumentation alone we have generated over £40m of new innovation finance projects and organised over 100 events and workshops. Please view our case studies to see examples of our work for the public sector.



  • Defence & Security
  • Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Environmental & Sustainability
  • Healthcare & Life Science Technology
  • High Value Manufacturing
  • IT, Software & Communications
  • Scientific Research & Government
  • Sensors & Instrumentation


Our Approach

To achieve consistently high quality results from our work, we have put the focus on market and customer needs at the heart of our work since Qi3’s foundation. We have a range of methodologies that fit closely with the “Lean” philosophy (which is rapidly gaining deserved attention), and which put the customer at the centre of market strategy, new product development, new market entry, and core business growth (click Here for more details).

Client Results

We make a difference in our clients’ financial, strategic, operational and organizational results. Don’t just take our word for it—read some of our case studies.

What we do

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients’ unique reality. We engage all levels of an organization from day one, building momentum and capabilities to sustain the success.

Our Team

Our team of full time staff and domain expert associates are highly experienced Directors and senior managers who have worked across a wide range of sectors. We work as an integral part of your team providing expertise, knowledge, experience, and bandwidth to help solve commercial problems and transform your business. Read more about us 


Qi3 specialises in helping our clients find, assess and exploit markets for their technologies and services. The common need they all have is to understand how their technologies, from blue sky research to existing products, can be commercially exploited in the most effective ways.

To achieve this, we deploy a range of well proven services and methodologies that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. These include:




Qi3 Accelerator specialises in supporting companies by rapidly commercialising their products; achieving early sales without the expense of full time staff, excessive loss of equity or the payment of high upfront fees. Qi3 Accelerator is suitable for entrepreneurs who know that they need expert and enthusiastic input from our commercial and engineering teams in addition to financial capital. Support is offered to companies in a mixture of cash (money) and business development / technical expertise (sweat).

Experienced investors Nathan Hill, Paul Anson and Tim de Vere Green lead the Qi3 Accelerator team, supported by investment analysis and other skills sourced from Qi3. We are fortunate to work with a Technical Panel formed from number of trusted Associates, who offer extensive business, technical and engineering expertise. This allows us to form a flexible ad hoc team to evaluate your proposition and then support the business.



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