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Corve Consultancy Limited

Tel:   0197 848 6358 (Wrexham)
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Welcome to Corve Consultancy Limited

If these are your requirements, we are your solution: - 

More, profitable sales; Market entry strategy (UK or International); More new customers; Better cash-flow; New or next generation products; Making more of business opportunities; Achieving sustained, profitable growth; Better planning and implementation

Corve Consultancy Limited is long established in building businesses and helping them to grow, profitably. We do this by working with Clients on the 8 key stages for sustained business growth: -

Business Strategy

•    Clearly defined financial objectives to work towards and measure against

Strategic Marketing

•    What, exactly, do you bring to market and why?
•    Where are your best target markets and who are the decision makers?
•    Why are you the best supplier for these markets?

Tactical Marketing

•    What are you going to say to these markets to attract their attention?
•    In how many different media are you going to say it – online and offline?
•    How are the messages are integrated for the next 6 months?
•    Ensuring sales convert your leads to orders

Business Strategy Services 

Our services are straightforward. First of all, we make sure we understand your business in detail in a face to face meeting. Then we start work with your organisation on what we call Strategic Marketing, or Business Strategy as others call it.

It is important to understand and develop your plans for Business Growth, before launching into your Business to Business or Business to Consumer Marketing Communications. Many businesses just fire off communications without having worked out a proper business acquisition strategy and are disappointed when the messages don't appear to be delivering the expected results.

Successful communication to win new business requires regular and varied messaging, through a series of appropriate media. Singular, ad hoc messages seldom deliver strong results and budget is wasted on expansive promotional campaigns, when more cost effective and relevant activity could be undertaken.

We have clients as far apart as the British Virgin Islands and Perth. And we work right across the UK, from our base in North Wales 

Click below to see our approach to Strategic Marketing, Marketing Communications and Marketing Consultancy    

•    Strategic Marketing 
•    Marketing Consultancy 
•    Marketing Communications 

Meet Managing Director Jeremy Bassett DipM, Chartered FCIM, FSMF 



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