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Welcome to Simplify Branding

Simplify is a creative branding agency specialising in brand consultancy, brand design and brand implementation. Our purpose is to help clients create marketplace advantage through the development of brand and rebranding solutions. To do this we offer services including brand research, graphic design, websites, literature and e-marketing.



Brand research 

A defined programme: Brand research can be controlled to achieve specific objectives within a defined total budget. At the very beginning we will discuss with you to agree the brand research aims and ambitions, the most appropriate activities and the costs involved.

Brand auditing and benchmarking: A key consideration of brand research is to identify how your important audiences perceive your organisation and its value to them. By auditing and benchmarking your current proposition against your competitors we can reveal strategic information that will add focus to your brand activities and help maximise your return on marketing investment.

On-line surveys: Database-led on-line surveys are great for quantitative brand research. They can be easily and cost effectively conducted across a wide variety of business sectors and to large numbers of contacts. The results provide a snapshot of the current situation and also create a map of audience characteristics that can be used to benchmark, monitor and asses the effectiveness of future brand activities.

One-to-one interviews: Interviews provide the qualitative insights that inform the development of truly meaningful brand communications. They are typically conducted by telephone or face-to-face with key stakeholders such as senior decision makers, influencers and referrers who can affect their organisation’s relationship with your business.

Focus groups: Controlled discussions among small selected groups of people are ideal for exploring specific brand concepts in-depth. For instance, at one extreme they can be used to gain further knowledge of attitudes revealed in previous on-line brand research, and at the other extreme to gain initial reactions to proposed brand designs, brand positioning statements and advertising. As with one-to-one interviews, focus groups identify qualitative insights.

Brand strategy 

Brand identity: At Simplify we are well versed in the strategic thinking required to develop brand identity systems that create memorable impressions, achieve differentiation in the marketplace and build brand loyalty. We do this by evolving a brand visual language designed to stimulate interest, engage with your audience and communicate your brand’s values.

Tailored brand programmes: We have developed a unique process that defines where your brand is now and helps identify what needs to be done to achieve your brand aspirations going forward. Activities may include evaluation of current brand marketing together with ideas to maximise brand impact and return on investment. Each programme is individually tailored with options ranging from brand research and analysis to brand naming proposals and brand graphics.

Brand auditing: Depending on your needs, a Simplify strategic brand audit may include:

Analysing brand objectives and achievements

  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Customer comments
  • Advocates / press coverage
  • Employee feedback

Brand metrics

  • Brand KPIs
  • Customer experiences at brand touch points

Brand consistency

  • Tone of voice, logo usage, straplines, typography, colours
  • Use of brand guidelines / brand toolkit

Brand positioning: As part of your brand strategy we will establish a brand positioning statement against which all brand activities can be judged. Brand positioning enables benchmarking and discussion as to how successfully your brand is adding value when communicating with your important audiences.

Brand architecture: In business, nothing ever happens in isolation. By defining a brand’s architecture we identify how the brand fits within the wider corporate proposition and therefore how it adds value to your organisation and stakeholders as a whole.

Brand identity 

Rebranding: Whether refreshing an existing brand or creating an entirely new presentation, Simplify has a proven record for helping organisations rebrand and communicate in the most effective way.

Corporate brand identity: A corporate brand identity revolves around the central brand pillars of graphic presentation, communications and organisational behaviour. We are expert at establishing and developing visual programmes that communicate these core values and help establish a unique proposition in the marketplace.

Corporate literature: Printed brand identity materials remain a key marketing tool for B2B and B2C organisations in both the public and private sectors. Our partners began their careers designing and producing branded literature and it is something we still excel at.

Brand development: To stand still is to lose ground in today’s competitive environment. Through the longevity of our client relationships we have witnessed the need for many clients to evolve their brands in light of changing marketplace dynamics. Our work on the brand identity for National Grid is a good example of how we manage this effectively and add value to internal and external communications.

Employee engagement: Simplify has extensive experience in developing branded communications campaigns that connect employees with brand values and corporate strategies. People instinctively want to do a good job at their work and be allowed to feel proud of doing so. We originate and implement targeted programmes that help create the conditions for that to happen.

Property marketing: We have been involved with property marketing throughout the life of our agency and have developed expertise across all the traditional and electronic sales and communications channels. Today, Simplify supports developers and agents alike with effective multi-media marketing campaigns for properties in London and beyond.

Interior design: Developing a two dimensional brand identity design into a three dimensional space requires special skills. Our in-house capabilities enable us to do this. We work seamlessly on branding projects that translate into corporate office, sales, exhibition, restaurant and retail environments.

Website and e-marketing: Websites are often the first point of contact between an organisation’s brand identity and its customers, prospects and future employees. Creating the right first impression and immersing visitors in a memorable brand experience is crucial. Our teams of designers and digital technicians are expert in building engaging websites that enable an organisation to evolve, grow and communicate effectively.

Brand Implementation 

Photographers: Relating a particular style of photography to the design values of a brand identity is a major consideration when extending that brand into communication activities such as a website, literature or an exhibition. At Simplify we have the expertise to choose the right photographer for every project and then apply knowledgeable creative direction to guide the results.

Copywriters: Choosing an appropriate copywriter to write the words for your website or literature is essential in ensuring that the written tone of voice matches your brand values and messages. The copywriters we use have proven expertise in specific communications media and across a wide variety of business sectors.

Web developers: Our own in-house creative people will design the look and feel of a website to align it with the aims and ambitions of your brand identity. As part of the brand implementation process, we then use expert web developers and technical people to build the site and ensure that its functionality delivers an engaging user experience.

Search engine optimisers: It’s not enough to have a beautifully crafted website if the people you want to communicate with can’t find it. Our SEO experts have proven ability to make your site more visible and work harder as a marketing tool by structuring content to align with key word searches.

Video and film: Simplify works with specialised video and animation partners to translate brand identity programmes and employee communications strategies into film and video presentations. We coordinate all the brand implementation elements including creative direction, scripting, filming and animation to support you with the convenience of a single point of contact.

Printers: Print has long been a mainstay of brand communications and an integral part of delivering a brand strategy. Over the years we have built relationships with many of the industry’s best lithographic and digital printers. Whether the requirement is for a simple leaflet of a coffee table book, for 10 or 10,000 copies, we offer a professionally managed, cost competitive, quality controlled service.

Signage contractors: From office, factory and retail signage to promotional displays and way-finding; whatever your need for signage, we can arrange it for you. Our signage contractors deliver high quality results at competitive rates.


Is your brand fit for purpose? Does it truly reflect your corporate values and communicate with today’s marketplace? Perhaps it’s time for a re-think with Simplify rebranding consultants. In our years as a brand consultancy we have encountered numerous reasons for an organisation to consider rebranding. Perhaps there’s been a change of corporate focus, a merger with another company, an evolved business offer or a need to resonate with a new target audience. Whatever the thinking, rebranding could be the vital step in ensuring that your brand identity truly represents your current aspirations and values. Simply put, rebranding is about using great design and effective communications to create and protect competitive advantage. We can do this for you. Rebrand, refresh or fine-tune? 

Some organisations may require a complete overhaul of their brand identity, which could entail everything from brand research and evaluation through to planning a brand strategy, creating new brand designs and formulating brand implementation guidelines. In other instances the need may be for just a brand refresh, or some visual change to help modernise and breathe new life into an existing brand identity. At Simplify we understand the equation. Whether you require a complete rebranding service or just a fine-tune, we have the experience of the rebranding process to help you make the branding decisions that will allow your organisation to communicate and compete more effectively.

Rebranding is cost effective

The truth is that rebranding need not cost a fortune or be a long process. As an experienced branding consultancy we use planning, strategy and market knowledge along with design creativity to ensure that your rebranding will not only succeed as a communications tool, but will also deliver a healthy return on investment.





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