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King & Tuke

1 Clerkenwell Green, London,  EC1R 0DE

T: 020 7566 0150 E: W:

Welcome to King & Tuke

King & Tuke is a branding and advertising agency

We exist to help clients operating in complex sectors develop the brands and communications that will help them thrive

Complex sectors require a different sort of approach: a commitment to going deeper not wider, and having the experience and maturity to look beyond the easy and the obvious

There are two complex sectors that form the majority of our recent experience: finance and culture

We work with museums, galleries and other cultural bodies to develop brand positionings, brand identity and advertising communications, online and offline

We also work with asset managers, private banks, wealth managers and related services


Everything Starts With The Brand Pulse

The key to every successful brand is a clear definition and understanding of the core idea that drives it. In K&T language this is the Brand Pulse

The Brand Pulse is the fundamental DNA that inspires and informs the behaviour and appearance of a brand. This ensures a consistency of experience in whatever medium your brand appears so that every time one of your customers or prospects encounters you that brand experience is consciously and sub-consciously building on all of the others so creating the ‘equity’ that makes brands distinctive, compelling and effective

So, whether your brand requires a new visual identity or a new advertising campaign we will begin with your Brand Pulse.  This way we can ensure that every pound you spend, whether the immediate objective is short term sales or long term growth, is an investment in long term brand building









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