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Global Multimedia is a fully accredited independent advertising agency based in London UK with the skills and resources to deliver the complete package of advertising services

We are full service agency specialising in the planning and buying of all media including traditional as well as digital media. Knowing which media to use individually or as part of an integrated campaign, is the first step to optimising return on investment. Supported by research and our own professional analysis tools, we can identify what level of investment works best and where it works most effectively.
We offer sector based services in government and public services, residential and commercial property, retail, services section and educational clients, providing value for our clients is our main motto. We have long established media relationships. Globalmultimedia services clients both nationally and internationally. We recognise and move with the market brought about by emerging technology, fragmented media environments, new industries & changing social demographics.

We take pride in our customer service

  • Fast and friendly service
  • Single point of contact
  • Flexible media planning
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Prompt communications

We can provide

  • A thorough knowledge of the international media scene 
  • Advice to you on the most efficient media choice in key markets
  • Information on media expenditures/ rankings/ evaluations from sophisticated research and survey databases
  • Cost estimates on the basis of budget plans
  • Manage the complete handling of your advertising order

Our services include 

  • Media and Planning
  • Travel Advertising Planning
  • Press & Magazine Advertising
  • Educational Advertising
  • Creative concepts
  • Distribution Assistance
  • Outdoor (OOH)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  • Online Display Advertising (CPM)
  • Promotions and Search Marketing

Print Media

We partner with agencies across the UK and all over the world
We deal with a number of national as well as international newspaper titles. Majority of our clients use our service either to reach millions of people with a national or international campaign or targeting specific geographic population through advertising in regional newspapers.
We deal with several formats of print media including educational, property, recruitment advertisements. We provide very competitive rates to our clients with excellent communication. We also offer multiple formats of advertisements such as combinations of print and eNewspapers; newspaper and magazine etc. by negotiating directly with the media houses at attractive discounts. This is one of the reasons that our clients use our services consistently and constantly as we provide an excellent platform for businesses and organisations to reach solely to their target audience without wasting their money and time.
While promoting through magazines, most people think about the vast, reflexive, national distributions loaded with enormous brand advertisements. What’s more it may appear as your own particular business doesn’t have a place close by in the event that you don’t offer your services outside your local area.

We deal with several national as well as international magazines to promote our clients’ business. Since, magazines such as fortnightly or monthly have longer shelf-lives as compared to the newspapers; they are often browsed for longer from the date of their publication. This means, with magazines, you can target an audience for up to six months from the original date of insertion. We are here to help out our clients with the complete details about the requested magazine titles such as its circulation, demographic, distribution statistics, special sections or themes etc.

Strategic advertising is an integral part of the marketing process

  • Experienced media professionals
  • Competitive rates
  • Complete service

Online & Digital Media

Online marketing and digital advertisement is growing rapidly. Statistics shows that Digital Media Advertising revenue grew by 17% in 2013 to USD 43 billion, of which mobile-based ad sales grew by 100% and social media advertising grew by 53%. Digital marketing is now considered to be bigger than national TV and sales from digital marketing are expected to increase by approximately 15% in the current financial year.

Our specialist team is at forefront of the digital marketplace and can advise you on

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC - Pay Per Click Management
  • CPM- Online Display Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Social Marketing Strategies
  • Search Marketing 
  • RTB- Real Time Bidding

We use advanced online marketing techniques, ensuring that your website and digital assets reach to your targeted audience, establishing valuable relationship with your customers and fans.

So, why not to take an opportunity to place a digital/online advertisement with us to target a wider audience effectively?


We offer highly competitive services for radio, TV and cinema advertisement. We deal with both online as well as traditional radio and TV

Traditional Radio advertisements are known to be economic and highly effective to reach the target audience. Most of us surely have experienced radio jingles staying in our head endlessly. Radio promotes advertisements by creating emotional reactions in listeners leading to enhanced market awareness, sales and service uptakes ranging from educational to financial adverts.
On the other hand, Online Radio is growing faster these days, allowing our clients to add visual aid to the radio campaigns. We provide an excellent platform for our clients to deliver best advertising to the people while listening to the Online Radio. Some of the personalised jukeboxes such as Spotify, etc have millions of fans listening to free music that is funded by the advertisers. Therefore, such medium provides an excellent platform to reach millions of people even while at move bearing cost-effective budget.
We also offer best rates to our clients by providing multi platform which includes traditional and online radio; radio and TV; radio and cinema; radio and newspapers advertisements by negotiating with the media houses.

Like radio, TV also provides an excellent opportunity to promote business, product or service to a wider community. Visual aids within the advertisement benefit the ownership and exhibit the packaging so that the targeted audience will exactly know what to look for at the point of sale. This means, TV advertisements can aid a personal and emotional link between the services offered and the audience.
Our TV Advertising Media team offers best service by saving our clients’ valuable time. Our team helps our clients in planning and buying TV advertising. Our specialist team can help in managing the requested campaigns from the scratch, giving clear statistics on the advertising spend.
On the other hand, the population watching TV on internet is increasing across the globe day by day. This benefits the advertisements as your services or products can be addressed to millions of people internationally and by clicking on the advert, they will be taken to your website, promoting your business.
We advise our clients on digital TV advertisement by addressing the favourite programmes and favourite channels watched by the audience, offering them the perfect opportunity for advertising slots targeting specific audience demographics. We also offer our services with local, regional, national and international targeting, giving our clients the potential to promote their services.
In addition, we also negotiate with media houses to get the best rates for multiplatform advertising that suits your pocket and are highly effective.

Just like radio and TV, you can trust us with cinema advertisement. Our specialist team takes the best care of your advertisement and advises on the best advertisement slots depending upon the targeted audience.



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