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TMC Video Production


78 York Street
London W1H 1DP


T. 020 3819 6187


Ayrshire Studio
5 High Langside
South Ayrshire




About Us

The leading video marketing agency in London, Glasgow & Scotland

TMC is a UK based video production agency, with offices in Central London and South Ayrshire. We have been producing powerful and persuasive marketing film, across a wide range of industry sectors, since 2003.

Our small band of talented videographers, editors, animators, sound engineers and account managers service clients across the country, from London to Glasgow. We represent some of the finest commercial, creative and technical talent in the UK video marketing industry. With a strong marketing and creative bias, TMC is a truly unique video production company.

We put our hearts and souls into creating great video content because we love it and we believe in it.

At TMC we haven’t always been exclusively video. We started as a marketing outsource consultancy that evolved into creative design and are now a fully fledged video production house. When we delivered our very first marketing plan in 2003 we threw in a video on DVD as part of the package – we couldn’t resist.

Today, we still offer creative marketing services including website development and branding. This complete marketing and design approach makes TMC different to most other video production companies.

Doing things by halves is not our style and in this day and age with all the opportunities available to us there is no excuse for anything less.

The world of video marketing is rapidly changing and this creates great possibilities. At TMC we want to help our clients make the most of this moment through skill, innovation, creativity and good old fashioned hard work.

We are driven by what excites us and that often involves breaking new ground and leaving the beaten track.

As long as we live by this ethos then everything else will fall into place without stress, strain or toil. That’s our belief and that’s what we live by. Life is too short for anything else.

We are filmmakers, video editors, video fx artists, producers, scriptwriters, designers and web developers.

Honest, hard working, friendly and passionate is the best way to describe the typical TMC team member. Individually and as a group we love what we do and we strive to do it well.


Why Choose TMC? 



We are a creative business first
and foremost. We bring ideas to the
table that will ensure your video
marketing stands out.


From drones to virtual reality
and 4K to interrortron we tailor
every project individually. Be
prepared for a bespoke approach.


Your video project couldn’t be in
a better place than our Ayrshire
studio with some of the most
experienced editors in the business.


TMC has strong marketing credentials.
If you need help or advice on how to
achieve the best results with your videos
then we are well placed to help.








Video Production Services

CISCO estimates that by 2020 there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet. they add that, by then, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. this means online visibility is becoming increasingly dependent on your ability to deliver great video content. tmc are here to help.

‚Äč15 years of video marketing experience

TMC is a video production company that’s been around for a while. Formed in 2003, we were producing corporate videos even before Facebook or YouTube came into play. Starting as a marketing company (hence the name The Marketing Café) we saw the opportunity for brand videos when the main format was DVD. With faster internet speeds and greater bandwidths the growth of this medium online was inevitable.

Today’s stats as indicated above really do take your breath away. For TMC it has been an incredible journey that is proving hugely beneficial to all of our current clients. Whether you are already a seasoned video marketer or just starting out then your goal will be the same – where can I find a high quality video production company with the right level of experience? With TMC you will not only find we have the experience and quality, but we are also led by strong marketing know how and commercial instincts.


Your video plans will have been initiated by some kind of marketing objective right? It’s important to us to know about where you are coming from and what you hope to achieve with the films we make. This is because it will impact our thinking and the way in which we go about creating your marketing videos.

We will be keen to learn about your market position, your competitors and target audience. We want you to be the best at what you do, which means from start to finish we need to be marketing driven in partnership with you.

It’s an overused word of course. Everyone claims to be ‘high quality’ but it really is the core of what TMC is all about. Our approach to every film brief we receive is the same. How can we make this video the best in its category? At TMC we are always raising the bar, looking for ways to improve and make your video content more engaging.

This is why we are not a volume business. Digital video lasts a lifetime and beyond on the web, so we don’t want to put our name to anything that we are not 100% proud of. No doubt there will always be a demand for high volume low value output, which is why TMC may not suit everyone. However, our brand promise gives our clients a clear peace of mind as they know what to expect from us.

In the video production business ‘production value’ is everything. TMC have always pushed the boundaries in this area to give our productions that all-important quality feel. As well as camera equipment and lighting Production values can be dictated by many things including:


  • the idea
  • the messaging
  • the preparations
  • the script
  • the scenes
  • the location
  • the cinematography (angle, framing, look, feel, detail)
  • the techniques
  • the lighting
  • the audio quality
  • the acting
  • the directing
  • the wardrobe
  • the makeup
  • the staging

all things postproduction, which typically is:

  • the editing
  • the color correction
  • the leveling
  • the sound engineering
  • the graphic elements
  • the animated add-ons
  • the music
  • the voiceover
  • the file encoding



At TMC we work with a wide range of video production kit. This is either owned by the business or comes with the freelance operators we work with. These days we mainly shoot in 4K with the option to shoot slow motion at 1080p. Some of the kit includes:

  • Sony FS7 (4k, 10bit, 180fps, 14 stops, Cinematic, Broadcast Spec)
  • Sony A7S2 (4k, 120fps, Slog2/3)
  • Alexa Mini
  • Steadicam Merlin Arms & Vest
  • Ronin-M Gimbal stabiliser
  • LED Panel Lights (Bi-Colour & Battery powered)
  • Radio & Boom Microphones


If you need help with your video marketing efforts then TMC is your ideal video production partner. We can assist you with developing your YouTube channel, growing your audience and increasing engagement. Or if you need to develop your Facebook profile then our experience with this platform will prove invaluable to you. Other areas we can assist with include:

  • Choosing the right video player for your website
  • SEO optimisation of your videos
  • Increasing video exposure
  • Optimising videos for social channels
  • Online video advertising




Brands small and large, across the UK, choose TMC for professional video production

Scotland’s leading premium digital outdoor media owner


Iconic hotel set in the heart of Manchester


MDDUS is a mutual organisation providing healthcare professionals with access to indemnity


UK hotel group


Iconic hotel set in the heart of Edinburgh


London and Country estate agents and lettings agents


Iconic consumer electronics brand with a long history in the UK market


Luxury hotel and golf resort located near Leeds in Yorkshire


The UK’s second largest cake decoration manufacturer


The UK’s only British made LED TVs


The UK’s largest property services group


Luxury hotel and golf resort located in Cheshire


Global property firm with an emphasis on premium residential and commercial properties


Luxury hotel and golf resort based on the banks of Loch Lomond


Improving the lives of people in Ayrshire with life changing illness


One of Northumberland’s finest hotel and golf resorts


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