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Enabling you to create a better future by supporting you to align your strategy, culture and leadership

Our purpose is to support the government and public sector to continue to make an impact and add value to those you serve.

We are organisational psychologists and strategy specialists focused to develop organisational performance and unlock the potential of your culture and people. 

We realise that no team or organisation is the same; we provide tailor-made solutions. At LBI Consulting, we do not believe in, or advocate, quick fixes; we strive for lasting competitive advantage.

At LBI Consulting, we don’t just focus on developing public sector organisations; we grow the people too.


What we do

  • Supporting you to a create a unique growth strategy and foresight
  • Algin and unlock the potential of your culture and people
  • Support strategic change


Supporting you to a create a unique growth strategy and foresight

Building a strategy for your business is challenging. Understanding competitors, the turbulent future, changing needs of your customers and time can make it even harder. 

Working with leadership teams over many years, we have tailored an approach that ensures that you can identify what's required to secure long-term competitor advantage and create a clear, compelling strategy that you can integrate across the business.

Business strategy

Strategy can be defined as the act of making a set of integrated choices under uncertainty and competition to create sustainable advantage and superior value. 

We not only support you to develop strategy but also adopt an open approach to ready commitment and support execution across the business and stakeholders. 

Scenario planning

Scenario planning is a systematic observation, organisation and synthesis of the weak and early signals of change found in the present. We can facilitate your team to conduct a structured and interactive approach to understanding those signs and creating plausible future scenarios to ensure a more agile and resilient strategy.

Support strategic change

Strategic change is often complex, neglects the people and fails to achieve the expected benefits. After years of research and supporting large and complex change programmes, we have created a framework designed to help you develop a comprehensive implementation strategy for your next organisational change. Rather than a fixed, step-by-step process or method, this framework reflects that successful change is both an art and a science. It clarifies the essential elements all change efforts should include, understanding that how you execute them will depend on your change's type and scale and organisational context.

Strategic Change

Strategic change is the practice of applying a structured approach to transition an organisation from a current state to a future state to achieve expective benefits. We focus on the psychological, leadership and management and the technical perspectives of change.

Strategic alignment

Strategic alignment is the degree to which organisational design, strategy, and culture combine to achieve the same desired result. When organisational elements mutually support one another, they optimise performance, employee engagement, and commitment. Strategic alignment is essential to any organisation – regardless of its size, sector, or location.

Culture development

Culture development is the understanding and development of the cultural levers to support the desired environment, behaviours and values to create a culture that engages employees and aligned to the strategy. The greater the alignment between culture and strategy the higher performing the organisation.

Strategic leadership

Strategic leadership development provides Senior leadership teams with the skills, tools, and competencies required to operate in today's constantly changing and challenging business environment to unlock and use the human potential in their organisations, managing the inevitable changes and delivering results.



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We partner with the senior leaders in government and public sector organisations, we  work with leaders who want to make a difference.



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