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National Cyber Security Centre - 13:15 23 Jan 2017
Crime Survey for England and Wales includes cyber crime statistics for first time
National Cyber Security Centre news

Last week’s annual Crime Survey for England and Wales included cyber crime offences for the first time.

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Tripwire Confidence Secured Meeting the Challenge of GPG13 Compliance:
Latest Brief on Achieving NCSC Requirements

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, formerly CESG), the Information Security arm of Government Communication Head Quarters (GCHQ), and the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance documented 35 Good Practice Guides to help public sector organisations within the UK manage risk.

GPG number 13 describes the require­ments for good practice and a set of IT controls for the security of Information Technology systems. Specifically, GPG13 describes 12 Protective Monitoring Controls (PMC) which is comprised of tasks such as event log management and use of intrusion detec­tion and prevention systems. Public sector local authorities are required to conform to GPG13 in order to prevent accidental or malicious data loss.

However, Achieving GPG13 compliance is challenging—especially for organisations managing competing priorities, limited budgets, and small IT security teams.

Simply click here to download this latest GPG13 Compliance brief and find out how your organisation can shorten the timeframe and minimise resource in order to achieve full GPG13 compliance

techUK - 13:10 20 Jan 2017
Cybercrime & Online Fraud Prominent in Latest Crime Stats
techUK news

ONS estimates that there were more than 5 million cases of cybercrime and fraud last year.

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National Cyber Security Centre - 10:15 19 Jan 2017
National challenge will develop schoolgirls’ cyber security skills
National Cyber Security Centre news

Teenage girls from across the UK are being invited to pit their tech skills against one another in a GCHQ competition to find the best and brightest candidates to protect the nation from future cyber attacks.

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