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200 people attend NDA’s first stakeholder summit in west Cumbria

More than 200 stakeholders from across the UK and overseas gathered in Cumbria for a 2-day summit organised by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

It was the first opportunity for the NDA’s recently appointed Chief Executive Officer David Peattie and Chairman Tom Smith to meet collectively with a wide range of individuals, including representatives from all communities hosting the 17 NDA sites.

David Peattie said:

Maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders is vitally important to the NDA and to me personally.

I am committed to meeting and listening to as many people as possible from the communities around our sites, and those further afield who have a real and genuine interest in our mission to decommission and clean up the UK’s nuclear sites.

The event aimed at encouraging discussion about the NDA’s work, including how it manages the radioactive waste held on its sites. In ‘The Big Waste Debate’, UK and international nuclear industry experts shared views alongside renowned academics, authors and critics of the industry.

An exhibition and workshops were set up for local community groups, including charities and small businesses, to share ideas and highlight the achievement of enterprises that had received funding from the NDA’s socio-economic budget.

The second day was devoted to discussing support for socio-economic initiatives, which is part of the NDA’s mission to decommission and clean up the UK’s civil nuclear legacy. NDA representatives explained how i it was committed to using all resources available, including financial support, to ensure a positive lasting impact in the communities where it operates.

The NDA’s Head of Stakeholder Relations, Bill Hamilton, said:

I’m delighted about how well the event has gone and about the open, honest and constructive dialogue that’s happened over the last 2 days.

Our stakeholders come from as far afield as the north of Scotland, Ireland, Austria, the Isle of Man and the south east of England. To get them all together in one place to discuss our decommissioning mission in this way is a first and has been extremely valuable for the NDA.

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