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2000th Digital apprentice completes final assessment with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

An Infrastructure Technician from Aztech IT Solutions in Milton Keynes is the 2000th digital apprentice to have successfully completed his final professional assessment* through BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

18 year-old Leon Price gained a Merit in his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship and will be presented with a special certificate by BCS in recognition of being the 2000th apprentice to complete final assessment with the Institute.

Annette Allmark, Head of Apprenticeships at BCS yesterday said:

“Congratulations to Leon. He has done incredibly well and worked hard to achieve this success.”

“At a time when companies are suffering a tech skills gap the need for good quality digital apprenticeships is clear. Three quarters of large companies and just under half of small medium enterprises are affected by a digital skills gap, posing a major risk to business growth, according to a government report, Digital Skills for the UK Economy.”

Leon yesterday said:

“I’m so pleased to have successfully completed my apprenticeship and am really enjoying working for Aztech IT Solutions.”

“My apprenticeship has enabled me to gain valuable on-the-job training - putting me ahead of those who took other routes such as university - in terms of experience.”

“It has allowed me to get involved in real life projects, deal with time scales and budgets, while learning about the IT industry.”

The apprenticeship was great for me because it included on-line training so I could continue my learning at a time that best suited me.”

“I am part of a great team and I have learned a lot from them - and I’m looking forward to an exciting career in IT now I have got this qualification.”

Annette continued:

“This is a significant milestone for both Leon and for BCS - and is particularly pleasing as we reached our 1000th apprentice just two months ago - so we are delighted to see the increase in apprentices completing their final assessment has doubled in just two months.”

“As the leading professional body for IT in the UK, we are central to helping drive the new digital apprenticeships.”

“Apprenticeships play a critical role in helping to raise IT and digital skills, so every single one of these 2000 apprentices will make a positive contribution to the profession.”

“By providing opportunities for apprentices, employers will certainly benefit from return on investment. BCS looks forward to continuing its partnership with a wide range of training providers and employers to make sure more companies develop accomplished employees.”

Chris Houghton, CEO of Aztech IT Solutions yesterday said:

“We are extremely proud of Leon. Since joining Aztech IT Solutions, the organisation has recognised the positive difference having a young, enthusiastic and talented apprentice on the team has made.”

“Leon has been delivering fantastic within a couple of months of joining us and has become a valuable member of the team. As well as the technical skills, he’s also learnt the all-important social and problem-solving skills through face-to-face communication with colleagues and clients.”

He continued:

“I would definitely recommend other employers to take on an apprentice. It’s a great opportunity for companies to bring a new employee on board that can offer modern knowledge and different ways of looking at things.”

“It also gives the apprentice a great chance to gain work experience and develop their skills and increase their passion for the industry.”

Brooke Urwin from Baltic Training - the organisation that Leon did his apprenticeship through - adds: “Apprenticeships are a great way of bringing a range of people into the workforce and provide an opportunity to recruit new colleagues in an inclusive and diverse way.”

“This helps brings a fresh perspective to an organisation. Apprenticeships are delivering skills to meet employer’s increasing need for digital capability.”


Channel website: http://www.bcs.org/

Original article link: https://www.bcs.org/more/about-us/press-office/press-releases/2000th-digital-apprentice-completes-final-assessment-with-bcs-the-chartered-institute-for-it/

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