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26 GHz study awarded to Real Wireless

The UK SPF has awarded the 26 GHz research study contract to Real Wireless.

Following inviting members to comment on the initial itt and then the formal procurement process UK SPF are delighted to announce that they have awarded the 26 GHZ research contract to real wireless.

Globally harmonised cellular mobile bands above 20 GHz are needed to cover locations of exceptionally high traffic density and meet super-peaks of traffic demand.

26 GHz was identified as one of the three 5G pioneer bands. Auctioning licences on a national basis at 26 GHz in the same way that sub 6 GHz spectrum is awarded could lead to a serious reduction of technical spectrum efficiency. The SPF has proposed a new spectrum release model that would overcome these concerns.

The purpose of this study is to deliver proposals to build on the 26 GHz work already done by the SPF. The study will have two parts:

  1. Define the zones within which the proposed release mechanisms (see the tender document) would apply (high vs lower traffic density).
  2. Explore means for further improving spectrum efficiency within both zones.

We look forward to working with Real Wireless as the study progresses and to publishing the outcome of the research in Q1 of 2021.

What process does UK SPF undertake to conduct research?

We actively encourage UK SPF members to put forward research ideas. All ideas are considered by the SPF Steering Board and a research topic is then selected and put out to tender. Members of the Steering Board then oversee the creation of the study which once finalised is presented to the wider UK SPF at a Plenary session.


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