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5 things businesses need to do to supply to the public sector

Do you want to supply goods or services to the public sector? Find out how your business can become a CCS supplier.

Whether your business specialises in goods or services, transport infrastructure or expert advice on the adoption of new technologies, there’s a good chance that a customer exists in the public sector who wants to buy what you’re selling. 

The difficult part can be finding routes to help you market your goods or services to those customers. 

Introducing Crown Commercial Service

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is an executive agency of the UK government’s Cabinet Office, and the UK’s largest public procurement body. 

We work with 18,000 public sector customers to get the best deal for them on their procurements. Last year, customers spent £18 billion through CCS agreements. Around 7,000 suppliers are signed up to supply goods and services to the public sector through our commercial agreements, helping to ensure a robust and reliable supply chain to support the delivery of public services. 

Right now we’re working to make sure that social value, modern slavery, carbon net zero, and sustainability in general are built into our agreements. We know that our customers want to use procurement to improve the lives of citizens across the UK, and we’re working with suppliers to make sure they’re tuned in to what customers want.

5 things businesses need to do to supply to the public sector

  • Know what a framework is and how to join one

Procurement frameworks make it easier for the public sector to find and contract with suppliers of the particular good or service they want to buy. To find out how to join one of our frameworks, read our guide, and keep an eye on our upcoming deals webpage to see what we’re currently working on. 

  • Understand the local landscape

It’s more important than ever that companies that want to work with the public sector can demonstrate that they’re engaged with and share the values of the communities they’re going to serve. Tailor your offer to the needs of your customers – which leads nicely on to…

  • Make sure you’re building social value, sustainability and other policy considerations into your offer

CCS frameworks require that you are able to demonstrate that you’ve considered some of the key policy considerations that public sector bodies are interested in supporting. You may need to show how you’re committed to tackling modern slavery in your supply chain, how you can help to promote apprenticeships in your industry, or your sustainability credentials. Public sector organisations want to work with suppliers who care about their local areas – so make sure this is part of your bid.

  • Got a place on a framework? Now promote the goods and services you offer

Once you’re on a framework, you’ll get the chance to compete for public sector contracts. Make sure your potential customers know that you’ve won a place – you can use the ‘CCS Supplier’ logo on your website and send out press releases promoting your framework place.

  • Keep up to date with new frameworks and policies that could impact your business – and celebrate your successes

Follow CCS on LinkedIn and Twitter and bookmark our ‘Upcoming Deals’ webpage to keep up to date with all of our new frameworks and when you can bid to join them. We’re keen to show public sector customers the benefits that their peers have generated from using our frameworks – so think about how you can develop case studies and testimonials to celebrate your successes.


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