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AI Leaders Lunchtime Lecture Series: Framing AI Frameworks

On 31st March techUK hosted the latest event in our AI Leaders Lunchtime Lecture Series, where we ask world-leading industry experts to offer their insights and views on where the is, what the greatest opportunities and challenges are and how we get it right.

This month we were delighted to be joined by guest speaker Mark Woods, Chief Technical Advisor EMEA at Splunk, who gave a whistle-stop tour of considerations, principles and useful frameworks that leaders should have to help them navigate through the decisions they will all have to make when it comes to AI.

Mark shared his thinking on frameworks around AI adoption and deployment, and drew on the World Economic Forum’s recent AI C-Suite Toolkit, as well as a 2020 toolkit on AI procurement which he contributed to the development of.

The presentation included an overview of which types of AI are being used most widely across different sectors. Considering these uses and an emphasis on performance, Mark argued it is crucial to move from model-centric to data-centric approaches, which enable feedback loops and clear mechanisms to understand how data capture can be improved iteratively. Mark went on to highlight the need to also deploy AI to deepen our understanding of business problems, as well as challenge current practices.

This is placed in the context of wider organisational change management, as well as within the principles for AI procurement, which ties back to the importance of data availability as well as identifying and highlighting ethical limitations within the specific contexts of each AI model and its intended use.

Much more detail was covered in the lunchtime lecture, and anyone who missed it can watch the entire recording here.

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