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Active apps you can't live without

From snapping a selfie for social media to streaming music on the go and crushing candy on the commute, apps are playing an increasingly prominent role in our lives.

Time is of the essence in today’s technology-driven lifestyles and sport is yet another of those leisure opportunities vying for our attention.

While health and fitness apps feature lower down in app stores, this untapped market has a number of recognisable brands favoured by you – and space still for more on the market.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, competition-based to the more personally goal-driven, there’s an app out there for everyone.

With our first-ever Hackathon held last weekend to try and find the next best sports app, here are a pick of your current favourites and how they’re helping to keep you active.


Maria from Bedfordshire got herself a Fitbit after her husband started clocking the number of steps with his new job.

“I’ve used Fitbit since July last year after my husband got a new job with a lot of walking involved. He wanted to keep track of his steps and so I thought I’d join him. My husband has lost two stone just by monitoring his steps and what he eats!

Fitbit is a great motivational tool – I find myself walking around the block a few times just to make up my target number of steps

Maria, Bedfordshire

“It’s a great motivational tool – I find myself walking around the block a few times just to make up my target number of steps. You can set yourself targets and there’s a function to set goals for all sorts of sports.

“It’s easy, no hassle and goes straight to your mobile phone. I’ve walked the entire length of Italy apparently!”


Rob is a runner for the Highgate Harriers in north London and is a big fan of the motivational power of Strava.

“I’ve been using Strava for more than a year and find it a fun, user-friendly way to track my own training.

“It’s a great way to keep a check of the training I’m doing for my race goals and I can also share what I’m up to with friends and peers. We’ve set up a group and so it’s a great way to interact, arrange runs and keep each other motivated.

“I also find it a great resource to pick up new tips and training ideas from those racing at a similar level to myself.”


Pete is a coach of Alvechurch Lions U7 football team in Birmingham – and the Teamstuffapp has revolutionised the way team details and information is arranged.

“The app is really user-friendly and intuitive, all the parents have picked up how to use the application without any training from us.

“The ‘duties’ feature is extremely useful, enabling us to allocate (or allow people to volunteer for) tasks such as pitch-clearing, putting up the respect barriers and organise tea and coffee.

It enables us to allocate tasks such as pitch-clearing, putting up the respect barriers and organise tea and coffee

Pete, coach of Alvechurch Lions U7 football team

“I have recommended the app to a number of people from other teams. It’s a great app to use and makes managing the team and admin really easy from my phone. 

“The club and coach web tools are extremely useful as well.  Planning the training and filling match reports is very simple which enables us to track who was available/played and when.”

Zr 4ios -home5 (1)Zombies, Run!

Carl from Oxfordshire enjoys the alternative reality of Zombies, Run! and uses it to help get himself out of bed in the morning.

“I always find it tough to drag myself out for a run when it’s cold and dark – it’s hardly the easiest at this time of year either! But I find Zombies, Run! a great motivator to get me up and out the door.

“It’s like being in my own movie or video game and I almost forget the pace or time that I’m running and the calories I’m burning. It’s a fun distraction and time just whizzes by.

“The app takes me outside of the mental rigmarole of exercise and into another world where I’ve created my own playlists and take part in my own story I can then share with friends.”


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