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Adam Smith Inst - Lockdown Independence Day is a cause for celebration

Matthew Kilcoyne welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcements to reopen the UK economy’s lockdown as the viral threat recedes.

"Britain’s Lockdown Independence Day will be the 4th of July and that is a cause for celebration. While caution has been prudent in the face of a viral threat, we cannot exist in a state of government-imposed stasis forever. 

"Common sense solutions previously mooted now need to come into effect: allowing any pub to operate outdoors, use their car parks as beer gardens for punters, and even use local parks as part of their backyard. Cafes and restaurants must be able to turn high streets into living streets with outdoor seating.

"These are the first of many steps the Government should take to ensure that our retail and services sectors thrive. It should come with the withdrawal of support for businesses that can stand on their own feet. But those that still face government restriction on raising revenue deserve support while the virus continues to disrupt our lives."  

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