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Adding ‘attribute exchange’ to identity assurance will bring major benefits says latest Socitm briefing

Major savings, and improved customer experience of transacting with government services, are in sight thanks to new work on identity assurance and particularly ‘attribute exchange’.

Identity assurance: enough on its own? a new briefing from Socitm, sets out the potential of adding to the mix ‘attribute exchange’, a means by which service providers can access information online about an individual’s ‘attributes’ – for example being disabled – that entitle them to a particular service they are applying for.

Being able to establish these attributes online, rather than individuals having to present evidence of them in person, can strip out bureaucracy and delays in transaction processing, with the potential savings to service providers, being very significant.

The briefing picks up on Socitm's January 2014 briefing that introduced the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), the UK Government’s Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP), and some identity assurance pilots being run at Warwickshire County Council.

Identity assurance: enough on its own? is available free of charge to Socitm Insight subscribers


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