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Adult social care feedback

In our quest to provide the best advice and to assist our members continually improve services, we would like your support in helping us build a better picture of what councils are doing in adult social care practice development. To that end, we’re looking for your input on one or more of the following five themes. 

We want to hear about the steps your council is taking to develop adult social care. The information provided will help us to provide the most relevant advice and support you in continually improving service delivery.

Please provide feedback on one or more of the following five themes:

Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG)

  • Examples of where there is a requirement and a capability for online chat with customer services
  • How organisations are managing provider support information (eg social care directory) and keeping them up to date
  • Examples of how areas of the 3Cs practice model have been digitally enabled.

Assistive Technology (AT)

  • Examples where the 3Cs practice model works and interacts with AT, workforce and citizens
  • Any case studies that show how the 3Cs model has been promoted by councils and subsequently used by the police, fire service, etc


  • If and how self-referrals are currently operating within a 3Cs practice model.

Provider Contract Management

  • Any examples showing how eBrokerage is operating within local marketplaces eg current benefits, challenges and future development including new models
  • Case Management Systems and Efficiency tools
  • Any case studies using Liquid Logic’s ‘Family View’ and ‘Transitions’ support
  • Examples of initiatives focused on increasing data quality including resulting benefits and outcomes to the workforce and citizens
  • Examples showing where agile/mobile working has supported managers in moving to outcome-based performance management for front-line practitioners
  • Examples that show the benefits and impact on social worker/team efficiency from adopting Microsoft 365.

Your feedback is vital to strengthening the society’s ability to best support you and we appreciate your participation greatly. To make it easier for you to spare the time to contribute, we can collect this information in a way (and at a time) that suits you.

This could be:

  • A 15-30 min telephone conversation
  • An email summary to
  • Existing documentation (this will be read by us but not shared outside of Socitm).

In the first instance, please email The deadline for submissions is 22 November 2019.


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