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Air Safety Information Management System (ASIMS) version 2.4 released

The introduction of ASIMS version 2.4 went live January 2015.

ASIMS version 2.4 is introducing significant equipment safety occurrence report (SESOR) information distribution lists, enabling station flight safety role group management and bug fixing.


A new button has been added to the SESOR form that will enable theSESOR to be viewed and downloaded as a PDF document.

SESOR information distribution lists

Introduced SESOR information distribution lists; these lists will enable internal and external users to be notified for information purposes when aSESOR is raised. The information notifications will be automatically sent when a SESOR is assigned to a responsible project team (PT) by the Originating PT. Those on the internal list will receive a link to the SESOR and those on the external list will receive a PDF version of the SESOR.

If you wish to be included on either distribution list please contact theASIMS helpdesk on or phone them on 030 679 84188

Download File names

The default names of files you are downloading from ASIMS are changing to better reflect the data contained within the file and to include the date the data was downloaded.

Enable local management of station role groups and station investigators

The management of station role groups and station investigators can now be delegated to local station flight safety officers and equivalents. This permission will allow nominated individuals to move people into and out of role groups, to list the users assigned to a role group and to add/remove investigators from a station.

The ASIMS Helpdesk will be contacting each station flight safety officer individually when they have been granted the permission to talk them through their roles and responsibilities.

Auto accepted field added to the download format

A new field has been added to the DASOR charts and DASOR data download formats (available from the DASOR search page) called auto accepted, this field will contain either Y or N indicating if the report was auto accepted or not.

If you have created your own download template then this field can be added to your template by following the instructions in Chapter 22. Search reports, adding additional columns section of the ASIMS user manual.

Malfunctioned drop (MALDROP) and parachuting download files created

DASOR data plus MALDROP and DASOR data plus parachuting download files have been created and added to the download options list on theDASOR search page. The parachuting download does not contain the individual parachutist information, this is being investigated by the developers and will be added at a later date.

Perceived severity

The ASIMS user manual has been updated to provide guidance on the use of perceived severity.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs have been fixed in this version:

  • incorrect data displayed in trend chart
  • stack trace error when viewing dashboard
  • remove ability to enter a date of occurrence in the future
  • incorrect field heading of technical section within DASOR advanced search
  • incorrect data for air traffic control (ATC), air battle space management (ABM), air land integration (ALI) reports containing a technical section with the DASOR advanced search
  • ship, station, organisation of the originating DASOR added to advanced search to match the standard search
  • incorrect name of commenter displayed when viewing a DASOR as a PDF
  • occurrence type other text included in the occurrence type field when viewing a DASOR


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