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An introduction to technology product bundles

In this blog, we explore the new technology product bundles available on the Technology Online Purchasing Content agreement (TOPC) and how they can be purchased through our dynamic catalogue.

What is the technology catalogue?

Procuring technology products can often be a long process.. The TOPC catalogue gives you real-time access to great prices on a range of ‘off the shelf’ technology products, such as laptops, mobile phones, software and accessories, ensuring a quick and compliant route to market

The catalogue has an intelligent search function that compares and selects the best price for you. It also uses smart basket functionality at checkout to ensure the lowest price for the whole shopping basket is achieved, including the price of goods and delivery. This enhanced buying process provides assurance whilst saving you money and time. 

There are many advantages to buying technology products using the catalogue, including:

  • daily price and stock updates to ensure best value and availability
  • price comparison tool to provide you with at least 3 prices, as well as industry benchmark pricing
  • all firm quotes generated can have fixed for 30 days to allow for approvals

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